Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Brisbane Supanova 2012

Some drawing leftovers- as seen by my bad photography.
Although the girl and wolf thing- thats all the iphones fault- that camera on the iphone is complete rubbish
Slight riff on the pterosaur dragon drawing I did at the Supanova earlier in the year.
Next time I 'm going to make sure i get a couple of days in the lead up to doing my proper "pre drawing study" that I do. That way I'd get much more , far better drawings done while I'm there.

Supanova itself was fairly busy- considering how rainy it was on the Saturday.
I was joined by Robert Mangano on the Saturday too.
Met a few interesting people- and a few dinosaur sculptors- David Joffe and Alan Groves .
I got a positive response to Dinosaur Rocks and sold a few books so that made me feel optimistic .

Thank you  to all the beautiful people and cosplay people who dress up and make Supanova what it is.

The space we were in was a bit like a cow shed, and on the rainy Saturday it let all the moisture in- very bad for people with things made from paper. Actually the overhead vents were pumping moist air onto us...:(
On the positive side- we were the first thing people walked through on their way to the main bit with the shops/merchandise....so that was good for visibility, possibly not quite as good because people were holding out out with their money to see what the shop bit had first.
Fair enough.
I had my Dinosaur Rocks banners up so a lot of people should have noticed.
Chip chip chipping away at the tree.

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