Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Strike a match go start anew...

Well I'm nearly moved down to kingscliff. The room with all the plan drawers and our large dining table(which I often draw on) has a nice view of the ocean. I'll post a pic of that soon.
These last 2 week have been a bit frustrating-getting the new computer working and moving house-and nothing going quite to plan.
My cintiq arrived! But I haven't used it yet!- damn moving thing.
Instead its been something like 2001, its a cardboard monolith and I'm reduced to beating the ground around it with a chicken bone.
Well nearly.

Actually 2 weeks ago I did a quick mouse drawn image for Sharon Penny, for a christmas Santa stage installation . I think her presentation went well so we're waiting to see if that gets the go ahead.

So heres some old life drawings- about 3 months old. I did my thng where I draw something around them to try and make it a bit more than just a nudey figure floating in space- but they ended up a bit Boris like- which isn't so good, but hopefully they are more lach like than boris like.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lets get this snowball snowballing

New computer - check.
New computer completely working- sorta check.
Sexy cintiq tablet about to arrive please god check.

Here in the newspeak of the younger generation are some 'old school' warmups.
Ie they are done in watercolour, I've yet to touch them up in photoshop.
I had 2 gos at the elephant idea.

more soon.