Thursday, December 2, 2010

Anti heroes.

Captain Tinkerbelle and Dr Y (front).
Dr Y (front), is extremely short tempered and dangerous.
His calling card is a pair of underpants.
Mocked and bullied when seen, as a child, in his y fronts (these very y-fronts a gift from his dear departed dad) he swore an oath of vengeance, and vowed never to remove them henceforth.
Now the restriction on the development of his pelvis imposed by these pants and the now impossibly developed thighs means they can never be removed. And those that would try meet certain death.
He has no world dominating ambition, but merely goes about waiting for the unwitting or unwise to comment on his pants or the disposition of his genitals.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

a dog monster, a witch,head doodads and fairies

A few quick sketches- for those that like to snuffle.

The creepy fairy with the pincer hands is the Thumb Fairy.
Thumb fairies eat the thumbs of little children that suck their thumbs(because they think they must be tasty)- but don't leave any money.

Lost World dinosaur.

An as yet undiscovered australian dinosaur,
- because I just made it up.

Done to keep my sanity, based off an australian monitor lizard.
about 15 -20 mins worth so far.

Bought Peter Trusler's new book. Some beautiful stuff in it too.
It must be weird to have the resources and reference he must have.
Particularly musculature of birds etc for reference.
The detail and trouble he goes to is quite astonishing.

Monday, November 22, 2010

The red finned tiddler

The red finned tiddler, or "bottle-o" is so named because of the large red fins which beat rapidly to support the fish while walking on land.
The tiddler part of its name is derived from the peculiar "tiddle tiddle tiddle" cartoon noise that mysteriously occurs as its small pectoral fins carry it along.
The slang 'bottle o' is based on the similarity of its tail fin shape to a beer bottle opener.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Baboon Faced sloth-dog

This fierce creature is called the baboon faced sloth dog- but never to it's face.
Never, I repeat, never call the baboon faced sloth dog a "baboon faced sloth dog".
Because it will hurt.....a lot.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Australian yowie

Another endangered creature....
the yowie.
Well lets call it that for now-
but it lives in the australian bush.

This and the bandersnatch need finishing.
(This has an excuse because its a colouring of a sketchbook doo-dad)

..bad dobbie, bad.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Captain Ogilvy to the rescue

A human head matched with the most ferocious of bodies! With his clockwork sidekick and hot air balloon getaway mechanism.
They called him mad!
THE FOOLS! mwahahaha

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Some Ammut fast sketches

From when I was doing those Ammut designs- thought I'd post them here

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bandersnatch idea wip

Well I kind of fell off the earth concept art wise for 2 weeks- I saw(too late) on that a bandersnatch was creature of the week. So here isone of my bandersnatch ideas with an hour of paint tinkering. I will try to resolve it, but I have to get onto the next book tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A few goofy sketchbook images

Sort of light hearted and kids book esque scribbles.

A few Images from those books

It would be nice to have the time to do things properly,
it would be nicer still to be paid the proper money to be able to spend the time to do things properly.
I suspect, like the inner health ads I did way back , being forced to do things quick and dirty will haunt me for years (as inner health does even now).
-Unfortunately theres no 'cooling off period' with these- where I can come back and review them and fix the mistakes/polish them- they just get done and I see all that needs fixing later(ie now).
Mainly the whole problem is the multiplier effect of the 24 pages per book- total time for roughs+line drawings+colouring.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cover where art thou?

A rejected wip for a hero character image-
still with fine lines where I dicked around with the warp tool.
I'll post a couple of things from the current books soonish.

Kancho! the game.

Brought to you in glorious 'napkin vision'.
Another (this time silly)idea from last christmas.
Kancho the game!
You are the brave student in a lone struggle against the forces of evil- disguised as teachers, using the ancient art of kancho.
Yes there might be some innocent victims along the way, but these are acceptable losses.
You sneak sly fox style upon your victim using desks etc for cover- then strike...and run for your life.
Teacher gives chase pac man style among the desks, and will tire and give up if you evade him.
(More often than not teacher is a monster from hell cunningly disguised.)
Successful assaults give acclaim from classmates-in turn they can provide help by arranging their desks in column or rows to block an avenging teachers path.
Most dangerous technique of all is the "index of black hole" attack (best used on demons-possibly with a kamehamehah style wind up)- the skilled kancho master creates a miniature black hole with the sudden explosive compression of his jabbing fingers upon the victims rear- consuming the victim in its brief fury- but this attack is one of last resort and the attacker must run furiously to escape the sucking black hole.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Game idea

I'll just post it here so I can say I told you so in 6 months time.
Its a bunch of ideas I had last christmas.

Basically its like an augmented reality seance or a summoning type idea whereby the more iphones/ipads being used or focused on the same area the greater the resolution/clarity/power of the summoning or summoned entity.

So you could go on a hunt or summon otherworldy entities- perhaps engage in a block war type thing. But the main thingis the more of you in a small group in the same 'game' the greater the power/clarity of your summoning- perhaps you need a number of people ghostbusters style to contain certain entities.

The idea would be that on one hand -the combined processing power of the units talking to each other provides the shared compute power to bring the thing into an impressive augmented reality life, but also to leverage the fact that often you've got a bunch of people or friends who've all got these type of devices in close proximity to each other. (often when they meet socially at night out or at someones place)

You'd use key real locations would be settings for various encounters, maybe localised .
So you'd have to go to a particular place at a particular time for the best chance of success- somewhere spoooky at night etc.....

You could maybe mix in some ghostly video transmissions being sent to people, or appearing/overlaid onto participants video chat.

Another riff on that mechanic could be revealing/decloaking a race of aliens/ships living amongst us-(parked in the sky above monuments etc)-and you 'need more people at once to overcome their cloaking signal' in a given location(a-la- 'they live').
This one about aliens is probably the most doable- you could have floating things in the sky and not worry about collisions so much, but maybe also have things crawling over buildings in the CBDs-(which are more likely to be mapped in 3d somewhere already).

I might do some roughs to illustrate the ideas of some of the monsters/entities or the aliens.

Elizabeth's rufous minge bat

The rufous minge bat was named by Frances Drake in Honour of Queen Elizabeth 1st.
Originating in the Americas, the minge bat found its way to europe via traders ships in shipments of cat or beaver pelts.
Once there it quickly spread, often stowed away in cases of merkins bound for wealthy clientele.
The decline in merkin sales has considerably reduced the habitat and spread of the species, and the current fashion for brazillian's is surely the death knell for the minge bat.

The blue tailed woohoo

Feared extinct, this image is a alcohol assisted reconstruction of the blue tailed woohoo based on a rough field sketch orignally found in the hands of a mummified naturalist found somehere in the Nugini highlands.
The woohoo is an uncanny mimic, an ability which unfortunately has lead to the decline of its species. It is named a woohoo because it mimics the mating call of other species- and is subsequently beaten up by invariably larger rival males.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ice shark

Attack beast from the arctic

A WIP from Helpful Harry

The hairy nosed wombat is hard of hearing, and the hopping mouse is hardly there.
We'll fix that, might lengthen the horses muzzle a bit while I'm at it.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lady of the lake

Some ideas- one more weird and arty I guess
but I went that way because everyone else didn't.

'Live' drawing.

Me at the Illustrators Australia 9x5 exhibition ...drawing away- as I do,

Didn't get too much done because there was a wine and conversation interlude but you can see the mermaid thing I was drawing.

Pictures are by Gary Collett (a visualiser and storyboard artist).

I can see that I'm looking considerably older and more haggard than my profile pic.
oh well....

Monday, October 11, 2010

Endangered species

Discovered in a newly started sketchbook, the Curly Snouted Dingler is poorly documented species-
scientists unsure if the white spots are warning to would be predators
or merely crumbs of coconut from a recently consumed lamington.