Sunday, November 29, 2015

Friday, November 20, 2015

Pac man infestation

Home entertainment

10pm -Nothing on TV- so sat and thought-
"I know I'll try a bit of cutout animation with Dragonframe"
45 minutes later.... Taadaa!    (I run out of steam)
Note all the things being accidentally shifted and not positioned back is my laziness- Dragonframe has modes that allow you to realign stuff but I just wantedto push on and see how it might look anyway.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sketches while watching....

......watching Manga Studio tutorials.

Man the pen feel is so much better than photoshop- you can go from superthin/hairline to thick like a paintbrush can.(much thinner and far better than photoshop)

Photoshop you are so dropped- I'll finish the book I'm currently doing in it - but after that......

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Quickly added Christmas Cheer

I bought Dragonframe- a stop motion program.
Man it is so cool.
There's a lot of the stop motion craft I don't know-
especially camera stuff- but I can easily see that so much has been thought out in the program- a weird and novel  delight to see in software.
I think the beauty of stop motion is that even if it is "craptastic" - somehow watching it you forgive any technical deficiencies.
Anyway- makes me feel like a kid again....
which is nice.

Also bought Autodesk sketchbook- I only have photoshop CS5 but as a drawing program it sucks mightily- primarily because of the appalling jaggies/aliasing/stepping as it reads your pen stroke.
Hadn't occurred to me how singularly bad it is until I've recently tried:
Manga Studio
and none of them have the same problem/suck so much.

Actually sketchbook has piqued my interest in concept art again- and plain drawing - so again excited to give it a go with the new tools.

Did a very quick replacement dinosaur for the banner.
Added a hat for christmas.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Night doodlin

I need a real job- if anyone has one.

Kind of getting a revival of a desire to do animation....

I didn't plan or think about that penguin/duck one I posted - I just did it- didn't really think about timing- so some of the pauses are short/wrong/wrong beat  etc.

Still there's a a lot of enjoyment and immediacy about it....
even if the light flickers /things done wrong etc ( a lot of craft to learn with the stop motion I guess.)
Kind of reminds me of the stuff I did as a kid  trying to do animation.

Struggling with the Little Bad Wolf book- at least struggling to achieve the dream suggested by my roughs.
Must not get hung up on the roughs.
Must stay loose with the backgrounds while I'm clarifying them.

Anyway- some doodles- 25 minutes of noodling.....

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Mystery Museum Mk2

Another attempt at the cover. Also a very fast attempt/idea for a back cover.
Both need a bit of photoshop love I'm afraid but they are...
Had thought to do a page of shading/dark/vignette in watercolour and composit it over both in pshop.
Speaking of pshop I need to pull my finger out and learn manga studio etc so i can leave pshop behind-
I hate it.