Friday, May 24, 2013

Wombat party

I have 5 days to finish a third wombat book.
Is it possible?
Who knows?
Here's a page in progress.
and a cover progress.
I probably won't post much more because I know they like to keep things a surprise.
But hopefully it will be the most colourful wombat yet.

Little Mates Z

Here are a bunch of roughs for little Mates Z (Zippy Zoe).
Zoe is a zebra finch who zips around and visits a zoo to see a zebra.
Then she falls asleep and her friends try to wake her up.
I had her falling asleep accidentally on a lions nose- that way her friends frantic efforts and dialogue to wake her up made sense-plus she goes to the zoo- a lion is logical and acceptable right?

Wrong- "they" don't like it.

So it won't look anything like these roughs- which I quite liked given their economy of brush stroke.

Xylophone Xavier

(Cover needs work)

dinosaur hunter cover 8 needs  work/rescuing.
Won't post it just yet....need to fix it but when?

Dinosaur Hunter 8 Roughs


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sandcastles and the sea.

We are the sandcastles.
Life is the sea.
In the end each wave strips everything away.
Scatters it.

I had a dream on Sunday of a giant cloud of fire spreading on the horizon- like a pyroclastic cloud- but fire. I could see how fast it was travelling and I knew we had to find shelter but of course there is none. But what is interesting is how real the vision was-considering I haven't seen anything like it really.
Like when I was about 4 having a dream of waking up and going to the front glass door and seeing the skeleton of a horse walk up stop and look at me then keep going- but very real and I remember it still,
I think I might have sleepwalked as a child which could explain why walking to the door was so real- doesn't explain the dead horse or how I could know what its skeleton looked like.
Or when I was twelve- a dream of a nuclear strike on a city- I and everyone killed but transformed into  points of light in  a kind of 'out of phase'/'out of plane' view of the destroyed city- and these strange creatures hoovering up the 'souls'. But they were not angels or devils,not a religious vision - but weird sort of energy vampire things that fed on suffering or life energy- like parasites that provoke war in our world so they can feed.
But again very real. (Unlike the usual sort of dream which I normally sabotage mid dream by realising they're not real.)

Ah well.

I'll post some more work in progress.
Possibly once I finish these last books I can rebuild my web presence, my blog, and my social life as I have neglected my friends and people I'd hoped to befriend as I've staggered to the finish line the last 8 months.

Actually sometimes when I'm drawing in public people ask if I was always good at it. Having found the drawings of mine that my mother had conscientiously hoarded the answer is "No", and possibly "never", but a constant has been the drive to keep going. that seems to be all there is.
It looks like it was all good until about 5 yrs old .........then this patch until now. When I start my own stuff again I will try to regain what I lost when I was 5