Friday, February 8, 2008

lost world's lost lach rediscovered

well after the 'arrival of second child induced hiatus' lach has resurfaced. Here are a few of those very fast sketchy things that I don't finish-
-which are sort of what you get when you spend 25 minutes elaborating on a scratchy thumbnail and then realise maybe you should have done a better worked out scribble- but then you realise that the base scribble took about 2 minutes and so you forgive them for what they became .
Things haven't returned to normal but they have assumed some regularity- and I'm back on the drawing horse I hope. Speaking of horses i might try redoing that apocalyptic horseman but next time i'll look at some horse pictures. That would be an idea- but then 2 minute base scribble doesn't care for research or planning.
bad scribble.

Apologies for my going awol for a month or so( those of you who check up on me).