Friday, September 28, 2012

Dr Sketchy

From 2 months ago?
Dr Sketchy is like drawing under duress- I've said it before.
this occasion the girls had made their own outfits- and they looked awesome so its a shame the sorry 5 mins or 2 mins or so you get to draw them isn't enough to get it in.

Life in Brunswick

I've been to life drawing in the last couple of weeks- but only managed to turn up for the final hour each time. So I'm kind of frazzled and not with it- well that's my excuse.
All 10 to 15 min so consider yourself lucky to get the shading you have.

Little Mates Calendar 2013

Received  a version of a calendar which by all reports is going to be sent to every teacher in Australia- a print run of 90 000. Resistance is futile.
One of us, one of us!
The design/layout of the months is nice- calendars are a pain in this regard-why DO they have months with seemingly arbitrary numbers of days? I guess I could google that but I don't think there'd be a logical answer.
Mind you- people probably have already been exposed to inner health for years.
Especially the balance ad they always play- (and that they'd rerendered without me a few years back).

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Into the underworld

I promised someone I'd do some horror stuff- and the only horror so far has been by not getting it done-
I'm trying to get the dingo book out of the way- I'm closing in on it,
started on colour of Wombat 2,
and the letter T for Little Mates.
Wombat 2 I'm not  so worried about, I'll feel better once the dingo book is done.
In October the new series starts ,
into the underworld I go

Friday, September 21, 2012


Finished "S".
Now on to T.

Push to Finish

Well I do wish I had a render button, but I am going to spend the next week and  bit finishing that dingo book The Coolest Dingo  fnally.
Some very much in progress images/roughs,

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Monsters and Dinosaurs

That's what my boys draw- and they're awesome- so I think I might start a blog for them and post some of their fantastic designs. I might scan a few in tonight and I'll put a link on the sidebar there when I do.

Dinosaur Hunter (cont)

Before I get back to sheep and dingoes)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

A New book series

Robert Irwin , Dinosaur Hunter.
No contract signed, but it looks like its on-
 and so here are a few initial exploratory rough covers while no-(one knows what its meant to look like).
I think he should look older than he is- because otherwise he'll have grown so much by the time the series is out- he won't look like the pictures. I think there were thoughts of Robert being a photo- but I think it would better if I drew it- or at least copy a photo (please no) so it looks integrated. Still hopeful it should be great when it happens.