Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Forget atom smashing

What those scientists need to be working on is an 'undo button'.

Here are two watercolours- as yet unretouched(like the others I guess- but then its not major work needed. Santy is there because its getting close to christmas so i thought I'd get in early.
The girly with the mysterious monster friends- well I'm not sure,- where's the monsters right arm- not sure either but then in those sort of montage images I guess anything is allowed. She'll get a flower or some adornment in her hair and something on her wrist but I haven't quite decided.

As for the previous post, what were they about? The girly with the impressive gaffer tape and the rat were for the Illustrators Australia 9x5 exhibition. Both were sort of last minute images.
I think originally i had a page or two of grand Ideas but at the last minute I just did whatever came to mind on the "Year of the Rat" theme. I'm not sure if it was my brushes but to me I might as well have painted them with my fingers. After fiddling with watercolour the last month or two it felt like mud painting but they sort of turned out. I should have put some gesso or something for the boards they were on but I didn't have any and it was a Sunday night- just a small set of acrylics my wife had given me 2 years ago but which had duly hoarded away.
Rat girly initially didn't have any gaffer tape and it was with a heavy heart I made her decent.
The green dinosaur is a very quick play with watercolour canvas with a plan to sell it and more like it,- the trouble though is although it was touted as watercolour canvas the watercolour just sits on top and doesn't really bond onto the canvas- so I've had to go and by some toxic spray to seal the damn thing.

On the business side we're about to get cards and stuff printed, I'm going to go a short run initially because the images will change.
Also I've sort of started an educational book for Macmillian in NZ- I say sort of because theres a fair process/amount of work goes on before they even send a contract(which is in fact close to now.)
Also on the book front I've just about finished that first book "A monkey in the Camp".
Thatis its done until I recieve any further word that anything more needs doing.
I think its only now though that I'm a lot more comfortable with the painting and now I'd be more inclined to paint and not just colour in if you know what i mean. So If theres another one you can be sure it'll be far superior.

Also I've decided to attend both the 'Creative Masters Forum" (featuring Ron Cobb) and that Wellington Workshop.
After constantly feeling 'old school' amongst the very young new employees of where I used to work- it will be hope inspiring to be in the presence of someone even 'older schoolerer' but still brilliant such as Ron. I still have my old battered copy of 'The Book of Alien' and you can see that designwise Foss's work is of the 70's - wheres(but for the rendering style) Cobb's could have been done yesterday.
The Wellington Workshop is another matter entirely- and I anticipate being surrounded by hip ,pretty young emo things with pens strapped to their wrists. Still hopefully it should be good despite the 'funk of wank' that pervades (at least in their video of the last workshop).
So leading up to those event's I'll be trying to do more concept art style stuff.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The scribble that dreamed

Note to self- get the idea, sort the construction- figure out how sternum and pit of neck ought to shade.
And do a proper expression.
Next time.
Still... although it sort of ended up a bit Louis Royo or whatever his name is... which is a bad thing,

Should I add the band across her eyes? looks a bit better that way.

- I'll give the idea another shot.