Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I will try  to post some more pics, but this post is a thanks to my Publishers
In particular  Hachette and Jon Appleton, Kate Stevens and Suzanne O Sullivan (and their designers)
for giving me the opportunities and making me look good.

and at Scholastic-Angie Masters, Eve Tonelli (and their designers) for mostly letting me do my thing.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dinosaur Hunter book 2 roughs

Some roughs and a not finished version of the cover image.
I have finished the book- now once again the final push to finish Wombat.
So thats 2 books done!

I went camping at Binna Burra last weekend and got some good inspirational reference.
Mainly for backgrounds and annoying detail type stuff.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hottest Dingo

A wrap around cover image.
The cover type and design looks like it will be really nice- thanks to Amanda Tarlau and Koala books.

Am grateful I chose a rough loose style.
Looks kind of surf culture....halfway to Mambo.

Meanwhile I'm so  behind in things....

Life drawing- Brunswick heads

Thursday, November 22, 2012

More Dinosaur Hunter progress

Well- more of the images that aren't being used.
I am actually mainly working on Wombat currently, but the cast of thousands means
its a bit slow. I will be able to get onto the backgrounds next week so hopefully it will come together quickly(quicker).
But Dinosaur Hunter is pretty important at the moment so there'll be a push on that shortly.
Just need wombat closer.

Evil Warmongers

Quickly drawn, even more quickly shaded. Evil warmongers from a project
I wish I had more time for.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dinosaur Hunter progress.

Here are a couple of unused Dinosaur hunter roughs.
I need to finish the cover off for book 1 still.
I also need to finish Wombat- don't know where the week has gone- I think the trouble is its a bit of a cast of thousands on the latter pages, and also messing about with backgrounds.
I tried to finish the cover for Wombat but I'm a bit iffy about the background - I thought it should have similarity to the first book- ie white background/no blue sky- but then it needs to be different too otherwise why buy it?
Feel very behind in everything but trying to stay positive.
Fingers on my right hand are bubbling, fingers on left are peeling skin... :(
 this was supposed to be a Dinosaur Hunter post.
Apparently my dad saw something on Channel nine about the series.
Holy crap..no pressure.
A page of rough notes to self and some leopard print albertasauruses.
I wish I had a robot monkey that would colour them for me.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Brisbane Supanova 2012

Some drawing leftovers- as seen by my bad photography.
Although the girl and wolf thing- thats all the iphones fault- that camera on the iphone is complete rubbish
Slight riff on the pterosaur dragon drawing I did at the Supanova earlier in the year.
Next time I 'm going to make sure i get a couple of days in the lead up to doing my proper "pre drawing study" that I do. That way I'd get much more , far better drawings done while I'm there.

Supanova itself was fairly busy- considering how rainy it was on the Saturday.
I was joined by Robert Mangano on the Saturday too.
Met a few interesting people- and a few dinosaur sculptors- David Joffe and Alan Groves .
I got a positive response to Dinosaur Rocks and sold a few books so that made me feel optimistic .

Thank you  to all the beautiful people and cosplay people who dress up and make Supanova what it is.

The space we were in was a bit like a cow shed, and on the rainy Saturday it let all the moisture in- very bad for people with things made from paper. Actually the overhead vents were pumping moist air onto us...:(
On the positive side- we were the first thing people walked through on their way to the main bit with the shops/merchandise....so that was good for visibility, possibly not quite as good because people were holding out out with their money to see what the shop bit had first.
Fair enough.
I had my Dinosaur Rocks banners up so a lot of people should have noticed.
Chip chip chipping away at the tree.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Couple of Life drawings

Same story- very late arriving, frazzled..etc

Tom nearly done


I desperately need  a new cintiq - the new one with a decent monitor.
 Basically couldn't see what I was doing.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Book Launch Aftermath

A few shots of the book launch -
 kind of before everyone arrived
 then after a lot of people had left.
But there were a lot of kids to the daytime one- sort of much more than double whats in the photos.
Apparently by night the bookstore had sold out of the Hardcovers- which is good.
The night time ones are when everyone had gone- except of course Vincenzo (from Blue Quoll) in one shot.
Thanks to Helen Bain and Jenny Stubbs and Megan Daley, Lucia and Vincenzo,Peter Taylor  for attending.
Also thanks to good friends Paul, Tina, Peter and Anita, Claire and Richard, and Nicky for attending and evangelising at kindy's   etc and making the kids event sucha success .
Sharon Penny transformed the Black Cat back area for me and it  looked great.
Milenko turned up! Whoohoo! (It was great to see you.)
Thanks to Robert Mangano for herding Milenko in.

Night drawing at the NWO fundraiser thing

Some pics of some of the scratchy sketches
and some old guy drawing.
I couldn't find my rubber!-(rubber=eraser for american readers)
so I just had to keep going when I messed things up- very hard when you are used to ctrl z.
Thank's to Che and Sarah for flying me down and putting me up in a nice hotel.