Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dr Sketchy Scribble

I went to a Dr Sketchy's a few weeks back for an Illustrators Australia meeting.
Problems with doctor sketchy  are:

1 Poses too short- flouncy costumes massively increase detail to get down-so it never happens
2 Models don't hold still.Not even close
3.Can't see what you are supposed to be drawing- can't see what you are drawing.  A bunch of stuff and people and poles in the way- and too dark to see the end of your pen.
Strangely the ones at the Glass bar in Brisbane are constantly worried about exposing themselves or wardrobe malfunction.....it makes you wonder

Which is why I kind of goofed off and just did charicatury type drawings.

I desperately need to return to life drawing though- it's been a year since I've done any.....very bad.

Cafe Scribble

Some breakfast scribble from a few weeks back.
I actually use my sketchbook just as an ideas book-
I actually put down a neat idea for a kids book- featuring  troll/orcish things- but I'm not showing it yet.
I don't know why I'm a bit protective about that one.


Evil Women

Well...she devil things. Its strange, doing these this morning- which is precisely what I shouldn't have been doing- snapped me out of my lack of focus and loss of drawing ability. Not to say these are genius- but to say the process started me back on the path whereby I pay attention more- even if they are still rough.
So what might be viewed as indulgence is hopefully now going to pay of in terms of better work and not being a lost drawing soul.
 I've never really had more than a day at a time of lost work from "one of those days" so to have weeks of it has been very hard.
These were inspired by the idea of Seven character from Cameron Crichton's Black Temple (everyone please send him money so I can do some neat concept work) .

Goldie idea on ice.

Looks like the core story I was going to use for my dinosaur book is going to be swapped for a more adventure in dinosaurland type excursion- which I don't mind- I'll still do the Goldie idea as separate, I guess this way theres more dinosaurs in it. Hachette were keen on the riding around dino-times aspect- whereas this was just a dream in the other more 'realistic' other story. So in the new story we go back in time in a way- which as a rule I don't like the idea of, but I thought of some things to make it more self consistent fantasy and less sucky. I signed the contract at last a few weeks back and just this weekend past it suddenly felt real....so expect a lot of dinosaurs in the next month.
Above are some of the initial rough thumbnails around te dream bit - some of which contain elements to be used in the new story

Little Mates Mums day book

A few page images from a Little Mates special.....I don't know why there have been literally weeks lately when I haven't been able to focus or draw. A bit of a worry- part of the reason I'd fallen off the earth blog wise. I'll start redeeming myself and start posting a backlog of things to see.