Thursday, July 26, 2012

Go North (old man)

 On Wednesday and Thursday I was in Cairns at the Trinity Bay State High School,- talking and drawing.
I think I really miss North Queensland- I've wanted to go back there for ages. Its funny how smell is so evocative- makes you remember....anyway.
I've decided I have to revisit Cairns and surrounds properly soon.
Many thanks to Dagmar White amd her fellow teachers and aides for inviting me and being so friendly -and especially to the kids (and bigger highschool not-kids) for being great for me and bearing with my monologues long enough to get to the drawing bits which I'm significantly better at.. I should also add that the food spreads they put on were the best quality
I've seen at any sort of festival or conference- so a shout out to Dagmar's patisserie.
I think the first day was so so on my part- and I was sort of worried about what to do the next day- then it came to me at breakfast on Thursday.
Thursday mornings battle plan.

A 'monumental' base drawing by me with a sort of Harry Potter character (by demand) and a spellbook/book of summoning magically gone wild- in the shape of a dragony thing. The pages its made up of are filled in by the students with their own monster pages from the magic book. So the kids would draw their monster(s) and then once they'd decided on it they come up and fill in a page on the big drawing.
It sort of worked pretty well and we got quite far along achieving this grand idea- so victory snatched from the jaws of defeat I'd say.
I did a bunch of drawings for people as well as the one based on the plan.
Actually a lot of wombats-as-signature too.....  which I might do in future.

Flying on the plane home and watching innisfail, green island, gould island, hinchinbrook island, orpheus island- townsville and magnetic island, ayr/home hill and the burdekin river go past.....a bit like watching my youth flash before my eyes.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A few Wombat 2 roughs

Return of Tartarus V

Added a link on the right o the Tartarus V blog thing I started last year- sort of collection of rambling design notes- a little bit old school as yet- and missing the pics I was going to add-(and do the whole creatures of tartarus V stuff)
I should add some more links and more notes.
I did add a list of anatomy books I like on the resource page . Thats a start.
Again I need to finish Dingo book and Little Mates book first.

Friday, July 20, 2012

A couple of CDWA ideas

From ben mauro's project suggestion-
just a few of the ideas quickly for humanoid heads
Should really do them in brush to be true to the brief...
The guy above uses telekinesis to create a little holograph out of bioluminescent ink- for communication.
Communicating  with images and motion .
Looks a bit like that girl from La roux side on,- thats ok.

Need to be doing  my Dingo book, current Little mates or my wombat book but just taking a brief 2 hour and half holiday

Monday, July 9, 2012

More holiday sketchbook

Odds and ends. There were a bunch of ideas I'd like to convert to proper drawings.
Also I had a good idea for a story book- which I'm not showing.

Holiday Sketchbook

Some of  Sun, Monday Tuesday from my sketchbook.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dinosaur Rocks Arrives

Some of the books arrive.
Looks like they've zoomed in on the cover image and added fog over the trees for the title.
Or was that me ? Its been a while.
I was a bit worried about the darkness of pages and how they'd print out- but its not too bad .
Of course my dodgy photos are no guide and no indication.
The yellow of the dinosaur seems alright and the larger images of the boy and his grandfather seem ok too.
Ah well.
Still, hopefully its a bit more of an action book with slightly more sophisticated looking dinosaurs, than australians are used to.

Hopefully it sells alright and I can get to do a sequel and do the other things I wanted to do(and say), (and apply the learning from any mistakes).