Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wombat went a walking -wips nearly there

Here are some pages from "Wombat went a walking".
Some are close to done.
Then its full steam ahead on Little Mates and those talks i need to organise.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Make it one for my monkey

and one more for the road.

At this point its best to go out and look at the stars.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Brisbane Supanova

 Well another Supanova survived!

The beautiful people who get dressed up and make the whole thing something to see(and those where you just about get to see the whole thing  :)   ).
Meeting some appreciative, and some creative people.
Sharing a table with good company - Peter Yong.
Getting good feedback on the Little Mates books, and odd booksellers telling me they had been selling well.
Learning that "Mate that is totally fucked!!!" is in fact a compliment amongst younger people.
Stopping the last parking person from leaving the showgrounds and not having to walk home.
Not being in the official artists alley but in the thick of it.

Supanova security and health and safety zealots.
Not selling any prints and not many drawings
Not actually being in an " Artists alley" with other artists, or being one of the non banner artists and therefore non-existant in the literature like the rest of the non official artist. alley artists.

Here are a bunch of drawings I was doing while at Supanova. The photography is dreadful, I know, and the lead is reflecting the flash and washing out the lines, but maybe you'll still get the idea.
(Its just my beloved A3 scanner is dead- the lamps gone and needs replacing)
The pages are all A2.I didn't have room to do my big drawings...oh well.
I gave a few dinosaur drawings away also - I didn't get a shot of, and I did a quick drawing/commission  of  a sort of cat Jedi that was at the starwars stand next to us.

And some photos of the fun folk at Supanova
Who the heck is that guy goofing off ? I mean it looks and draws like Peter Yong, but can you ever be sure?

I guess we need a tentacle at our stand too so visitors can relax like this  also.

If these guys were running for the state elections- I'd vote for them- and could they really be so much worse?

Here is "Cat" Jedi, and a nurse of sorts.