Friday, November 25, 2011

Shadow king 2

More Ideas for the shadow king
Possibly a bit gruesome- might try something a bit more shadowy and ghosty.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Poppy the platypus roughs

Here she is pretending to be a pirate and a painter in one spread- a couple of options.
I liked the idea of her digging holes everywhere in search of treasure.

And I liked my pokes at 'art'- well I don't know much about art but I know what I like....right?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Black things

This morning,
I have a total avalanche of things to attend to but I'm hoping this will get me focussed the way it did last time.
Quite like the batty looking orc heads on the right.

Urban Cool

10 minutes of the present brings a vision of the future-
Australian Streetwear 2025!
Imagined in the only remaining 5 sq m free space in Australia!
All that swirling radiation from failed reactors in India and Indonesia- the oppressive climate change heat, the rising sea levels
And they thought I was uncool- unhip, -not with it.
If skynet hasn't taken over and you are looking at this page 14 years in the future- remember you saw it here first.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Dinosaur book -different end.

Looks like the dinosaur book isn't being called Goldie- and the end pages are being changed so Grandpa is moreobviously in on it- and the reason for the  tameness of the dinosaur  a bit more obvious.
Here's some ideass of Grandpa showing the book of dinosaurs he had made in his travels in the dinosaur time.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kancho!- some teachers

A couple of teacher ideas for the Kancho game,
Mr Hardy -an australian teacher beamed in from the 70's-   kids these days wouldn't get it I suppose.
And Herman Bott - ex Nazi rocket scientist - a man with a seemingly easy target for Kancho-
If it weren't for his cybernetic rocket booster ass.

But I suppose male teachers are a curiousity in themselves- do any exist these days?

Also below a pirate with a toaster hat...don't ask me why.

Friday, November 18, 2011

That long black cloud.....

Some Friday afternoon sketches.
Including a few thoughts on the Shadow King at top- what should he look like?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Roughs from Playful Poppy

Just a couple- she's being pampered at the pedicure parlour, on a princess parade, and delivering the post, and playing with her pretend police car.
When I first got the story I groaned , but actually this might turn out to be my favourite book so far.

Galactic Allies 3

A Couple more -
one for an outage page, and another friendly alien you meet.
Again best seen in the game itself  I expect.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dinosaur book roughs2

A few more.
There's a whole bunch of older, rougher roughs that exist but I'll just put up these kind of shaded ones.
I bought a book "Dinosaurs in Australia" on Friday. Principally to hopefully get more of an idea of  plants and other background items for my book, but also to see what their rendered dinosaurs looked like. Most of them weren't far at all from my guesstimations- except their rhoetosaurus looked really heavy (I'm not doing one in this book).Its a nice book and great because it has all the references in the back.

Also bought a last year back issue of Australian Geographic on polar dinosaurs- and again their mini polar tyrannosaur was pretty similar to that polar dinosaur sketch I did way back.  But again bought it to check for any howling mistakes I might be making.
But then the story I've got is a bit high fantasy but also I'm trying to imagine possible dinosaurs- precursors to ccretaceous forms, ones that might conceivably be there from gondwana-
+ I'm figuring pterosaurs- although not much has been found in australia- because they can travel across sea and far- that there'd be similar ones to ones found elsewhere- in the same way for  birds today

Actually I've 2 Little Mates books in rough form- I could post a few of those.  The 'P' one was going to be a possum- but then it was switched to platypus. Which sort of set things back a bit but platypuses seem to have more comic potential.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Galactic Allies 2

Another alien I did for Galactic Allies. Again its probably best to see these things by playing the game- not only because the 3 Blokes people beautified it further but because the story it goes with is probably very cool.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sad day

Normally I'd talk only about the art.
Saw on the news that black rhino's have been declared exinct.
When I was young I'd read about the dodo, sea cows and tasmanian tigers with horror and wondered how.
Of course we know why with rhino's-  all for the vanity of some chinese and the murderers willing  to supply them. Why didn't the chinese  farm the rhinos?-Well their punishment now is to be forever flaccid- but I suppose there's some other hapless species they'll pick on instead.

These are dark times- in mass extinction events its all the big creatures that go first.

What's the link to art/illustration?
Well -we dull the pain,
we distract and amuse so its bearable (anyone with young kids knows how distraction helps them when they are hurt).
But as someone who loves all those magnificent african animals- there's a hole there now, and a fear that all these beautiful creatures will be consigned to the world of dragons.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dinosaur tinkering

Looks a bit like a mutant goanna. I wonder did dinosaurs have tongues? I guess the bird ancestor ones didn't- still in a 15 min tinker theres no harm done.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Galactic Allies

A while back I did some work for 3blokes studio on their Galactic Allies game- so now that its out I might post a bit of work. A bit of it anyway- there's some stuff that's still not in the game so I couldn't show that , and a bunch of preliminary and rough stuff that I could show another time.
But the best place to see any of this is to go play Galactic Allies- because Chi-han at 3 Blokes added lots of loveliness to the base images and made them look much much nicer and more expensive.
So tell your friends -tell your enemies even and play it till you are blue in the facebook.

I seriously need to practice painting  more- pull my finger out as it were.The  roughs and line drawings seem so much nicer- so I need to turn that around.

Goldie Dinosaur book roughs (some...not all)

Well the book of Goldie the dinosaur has been transformed over the last month to be about a boy finding a dinosaur and travelling back via a mysterious time tunnel into the early cretaceous Australia. The idea is this weird time wormhole has existed for a long time in this rocky island of a hill- like the ones we have in the cane fields of Murwillumbah.
I had thought originally there should be carvings or paintings on the rocks(I was going to use my kids dinosaur drawings as a basis)- but then I switched it to fossils in the rocks-
which is better and saves hassles from indigenous Australians being insulted or trying to find some similarity.
It is about the dinosaurs after all- (and the nature in Australia)

Part of the idea is that the weird magnetic/radiation field the mysterious tunnel  produces  when it's 'operational" plays havoc with electrical equipment etc(it comes and goes)- so when the boy first arrives on his grandparents  property he can't just sit and play his gadgets/phone/camera etc - he has to explore for something to do(and his grandfathers insistence)... and there's that mysterious hill just waiting there.......
Part of the idea is the Dinosaur he initially finds has used the tunnel as a safe haven to create  safe nesting site in this time,
also part of the idea is that his grandfather is aware of its existence(the tunnel and the dinosaur) and has  been secretly interacting with dinosaur (taming it/its sort of used to humans).

anyhow so here are some roughs- not all.....
I've tried to put some Australian dinosaurs roughly in place- I'd settled on the early cretaceous - theres a bunch of large dinosaurs discovered in queensland to live around then, - but imagining there might be stragglers from the late Jurassic and maybe precursors to later Cretaceous forms too in the mix...but also theres suggestions of dinosaur types in trackways in WA that I could sneak in (titanosaurs)stegosaurs,ankylosaurs?) I'm using my imagination a bit but trying to keep things correct ish. So theres some muttaburrasaurus, minmi, diamantinasaurus("matilda"). some allosaur looking ones, some "mick" sauropods and "elliot" style ones etc.
I haven't gone through and corrected numbers of toes etc...they're roughs
But a few I'll invent in a guesstimation.