Monday, November 5, 2012

Book Launch Aftermath

A few shots of the book launch -
 kind of before everyone arrived
 then after a lot of people had left.
But there were a lot of kids to the daytime one- sort of much more than double whats in the photos.
Apparently by night the bookstore had sold out of the Hardcovers- which is good.
The night time ones are when everyone had gone- except of course Vincenzo (from Blue Quoll) in one shot.
Thanks to Helen Bain and Jenny Stubbs and Megan Daley, Lucia and Vincenzo,Peter Taylor  for attending.
Also thanks to good friends Paul, Tina, Peter and Anita, Claire and Richard, and Nicky for attending and evangelising at kindy's   etc and making the kids event sucha success .
Sharon Penny transformed the Black Cat back area for me and it  looked great.
Milenko turned up! Whoohoo! (It was great to see you.)
Thanks to Robert Mangano for herding Milenko in.

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