Wednesday, November 21, 2018

New wolf model.

New wolf run from Lachlan Creagh on Vimeo.

New wolf model by Rob Mangano for the ECO game. Animation by me.
I sort of rotoscoped the old anim onto the new...
..yes I know its a biped skeleton but it the old loaded on the new seriously messed up in the spine hips and front feet.
Yes I suppose you might be able to use workbench to 'unscrew it up' but it looked like more work in workbench to get the rotation keys right than it would be to just rotoscope it.

Did have lower jaw moving a little- possibly looks a bit odd so might nix it/
New Wolf walk from Lachlan Creagh on Vimeo.

Hmmm walk just a bit slow- might speed it up and see if its better

Make it snappy

Snapping Turtle walk and swim. from Lachlan Creagh on Vimeo.
Snapping turtle walk- another view from Lachlan Creagh on Vimeo.

Some animations of/on Rob Manganos snapping turtle.
A start anyway.

Sweet model...(wonder if front legs/bones too long compared to back), but otherwise super sweet.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Rough Ideas

on a Wizards of the Coast contest....Well I only just looked at it and saw the competition was closing on the same day as I was reading it- so no time really,
but decided to try a few thoughts....started detailing a few ideas
Actually had about 6 more ideas but kind of flagged a bit with the energy to detail them properly as you can see.....

Monday, November 12, 2018

Supanova.....Meanwhile, in the sketchbook...

Doodles in the sketchbook at Brisbane Supanova.....

fairly  rudimentary I'd say,
- wasn't with it (as usual these days..mind you if I'd done my art cramming the day before it might have been different)

Brisbane Supanova Drawings

While I was sitting there...I drew....a bit.
.not as much as usual