Sunday, June 28, 2015

Eco game- meteor scenario

Initial ideas exploring ideas for the Strangeloop game Eco.
There are a few ideas for eco system threatening catastrophes that the players are working toward averting- a strike by an asteroid or comet is one scenario.
Although like life the other players are the disaster waiting to happen to the environment I imagine.

Trying to have devastation that is spectacular but survivable is tricky- also a strike would probably set everything on fire/blast/vapourise everything on a little planetoid- from the ground the light would be blotted out by the cloud- from the air the ground would be blotted out but you'd see all of the eject/planet blasted back into space (I suppose).
Also trying to think of disaster thar is "do-able" is hard- but things like voxel tidal waves or chunks being blown away and chunks flying through the sky and landing/breaking up seems doable- or at least procedurally so- not sure about the computing available.
I guess a lot of game programming is sleight of hand- "what you thought you saw"- a mix of procedural and canned.

Wombat Christmas book advance copies arrive

The softcover has the sparkly title text.
After being so messed up worrying about what colours things ought to be I think a lot of the colours turned out looking  nice.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

King of scribble

thats me-
a bit sparse on the sketchbook pages with the images- does make you wonder though...
where does it come from?

deleted bit wasn't rude or boobies- was a character from my project and therefore secret.

and another

in mischief

Mischief scribbles.

I like mischief now.
For rough ideas its way way better than photoshop I think.
some rough scribbles in mischief-

bah- they're all transparent pngs- I'll change to jpeg and reupload...