Tuesday, April 24, 2012

SupaNova- Gold Coast

Was on last weekend  and I took my one man freak show  to it. I was a bit better prepared in one sense- but didn't have any time in the days before to warm up my drawing-so I barely did any.
It appeared to be busy peoplewise and I did see a few people I knew and meet a few new people.
John Cox stopped by and said hello, and he introduced me to Jason baird of JMB FX Studios. I would love to do some work with both, and actually John and I talked about the need for queensland museum to have some decent dinosaur displays. Obviously decent means life size models. You would think that is a no brainer- but you know they still just have those old dinosaur sculptures  in the basement next to the tank- sculptures that were around when I was a boy. So in 40 years they've done nothing of note on the dinosaur display front. But I digress.
As a result of the conversation I'd really like to get going on the whole idea- I've had a lot of ideas related to it...
Sadly I didn't get a real chance to mingle and schmooze around the other artist tables
- but I did talk to Aaron Pocock who had a neat sketchbook printed and whose experiences of  the book industry parallel my own.
Adam Nichols dropped by too- it seems Binary mill are going strong which is great but unsurprising- they do great work so thats how it ought to be.
(Another company I'd like to work with sometime)
Also met a guy called Manny who does a great cross between comics and caricatures- but very hip and modern in feel. I don't know why he isn't working for fancy magazines making a squillion-an example of when things aren't the way they ought to be.See his link in my artist menagerie
I had a folder with A3 printouts of the Dinosaur Rocks spreads- which people seemed quite interested in and amazed by- which is great because hopefully the book will do well- but also sort of therapy for me who can't look at them without seeing all the mistakes and how Iactually wanted it to be and wants to hide under a rock. Mind you seeing them A3 its probably a good thing I was stopped from doing more detail- theres quite enough, and now I don't feel so bad about my blurry gestural pine trees.

This was one of the few drawings I did- actually glad noone bought it.

Thinking about thinkers

More of that

More GA dev work.

Foxes are everywhere

These are seafoxes. A couple of hasty ideas.

2 Deep sea varieties in sketchy colour.
Funny what you find on a hard drive.

Back on the wagon

Well its probably been a year and a half since I did any life drawing-
the Dr Sketchy things at IA meetings don't count
as I can't see the end of my pencil in the dark- plus they move around plus there is way too little time-
ie no use at all.- I just end up goofing off.
So in the last 2 weeks I've tried to start back- and boy I knew I'd gone downhill by not doing it for all that time but jeez....talk about starting from scratch and learning to walk again
I am going to go twice a week-once in Brunswick heads and once in Byron- kind of the minimum if you are seeking any improvement- basically its like going to the gym- once a week won't do anything for you.
I would like more practice so if you are a nude person wandering about cudgen/kingscliff please let me know.
Also- clearly I am not a photographer and my beloved a3 scanner is dead.

(The orc sort of kept still for me and I am glad he was not nude, dragon took off not long after.)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Roughest Coolest Dingo

Some roughs from "the Coolest Dingo". This book fell victim to the delays of me going over time with Dinosaur rocks and the whole parental health disaster episode(ongoing).
Koala books people if you are out there- it will be done- (especially now the contract is signed..)
Trick is how to make it a bit different to Little Mates and Wombat went a walking animals- but keep the me?.
I am going to make sure this one is bright and saturated colourwise- and its actually going to be done in a loose style- and I might actually overlay some texture/s too....for a slight cut out feel?

Christmas is early

Yes every day is christmas here in the Lost World. But its rough though- very rough.
How rough?- this rough.....

The little cockatoo started out being a gang gang cockatoo- because I think they are christmassy and cute- but those who remain nameless wanted a Major Mitchell. Moral of that story is don't suggest things you don't actually want yourself.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Filler- not killer

I have looked in my Lach directory on my computer and realised that I haven't done anything in about 3 months that wasn't  to do with work. I will try to fix that. Loaded the new zbrush onto my computer and once again with good intentions to just spend an hour a day just playing and learning. Desperately need to get my drawing and focus back-

Heres a scribble to fill the awkward silence.