Friday, February 20, 2015


I got none.
 crickets cheeping....a lonely wolf howls....a tumbleweed rolls by

But I drew a Wombat reading certificate last year.
So I can maybe give myself an award.

Leadbetters possum

For a campaign last year to save it.
Its Victorias state emblem and they've almost made it extinct.
Well done you Victorians- its not everyone can claim to eliminate a species from the planet.

Sunday, February 15, 2015


I'll talk about the thing here but I'll post some location photo's for now-

Supergraph 3

A bit of Saturday afternoon's drawing on Illustrators Australia butchers paper.
Did a few other dragons and dinosaurs that I gave away so I don't have the photo.


More of Friday night's drawing
black sketchbooks are A3 for ref.


Supergraph-or "what I did friday night", 2 attempts at each picture-( need a better camera). Paper is 1.5m high by however wide.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Saturday, February 7, 2015


More Mischief- another quick drawing.
Bit of trouble trying do large airbrushy areas.....attention span not there

Friday, February 6, 2015

quick horse

In mischief.
Next grumble- limit of 10000 pixels- mainly because when it rasterises the image- mischief seems to not have very nice antialiasing?
Need an automated way to export in pieces of 10000pxls that you can stitch together somewhere else?

Lets take our minds off that last post

 Over There!
some bad photos of dodgy sketches!

Do you spot the common theme ?

Yes - its me getting to her face and stuffing it up
 because I'm drawing in ballpoint and can't erase.
Sigh. ....
Waiting for the wave again - when I peak drawingwise for a bit.
Hopefully in time for Supergraph.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Missing link

A quick drawing in mischief.

perhaps instead I should use my powers for good........

there much less offensive......than the original

looked at it this morning- its hideous and creepy!
so heres a quick nose joke- missing link looks better with his fur on

and here fixed dinosaur-
 and obscured mouse in the process......
I'll stop digging I late night squiggle in mischief is trouble.
A very long post for what was initially an 8 minute  drawing . But who's counting?
Who reading either? except for NSA/Pine Gap/5 eyes etc...
***Next Mischief grumble- how do you get a consistent line weight when you zoom in out and around- you have to keep shifting your line px size. Need to be able to lock it to the drawing (temporarily )somehow

***I've found this now- was in preferences

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Mischief grumble

So suddenly made good on new years resolution and shifted cintiq to standing mode, opened mischief and brief squiggle before bed- but look- the hasty girly doesn't render right zoomed out. I think mischief needs to adjust their render as things reduce in size. Note ugly face that I put Ranx Xerox glasses on.

Wombat Christmas book is giving me great difficulty- first with lost months of Mid October Nov and December- but also just with colours and deciding on decorations has driven me to the edge.

In other news have been having a few good ideas and few drawings for my project, and ideas for the potential book Little Bad Wolf.  So I hadn't been winning with wombat but the ideas in my downtime are good.

Must fulfill other resolution and get as new scanner so you can see what I'm on about and put an end to posting bad photos of drawings.

Squish juice pt 2

So I did  a roo jumping on an orange-
and we all liked it- so the final thing evolved from it-
not posting the final thing
but heres  a roo

and a couple of arty looking oranges

"ceci n'est  pas une orange"- arty joke phrase to accompany
 haha I can't speak french but I know what I like.

Squish Juice

Some watercolour ideas for a fruit juice company
this was what they had

and these are some of the rough images
The juice is going to be called squish so initially they wanted something like their juicy boy squished