Friday, November 29, 2013

Over the Moon

Or - "the things a wombat will do for a piece of cake"

Wombat book finished-
 here is the front/back cover image.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Brisbane Supanova-2013

Well no explanatory photos.
General impression- sold a lot less than Sydney.
Possibly due to me being in an altered state of consciousness most of the time.
 Because the food and most importantly coffee was inaccessible.
So by mid afternoon each day I was in a bit of daze because I hadn't had any coffee or food all day (except for breakfast).
In this respect the Sydney venue is vastly superior.
Plus the artist alley was set in a carpark- yes a carpark,- very classy.

Also I felt very unprepared- I had big plans of getting little art books printed etc- but the whole new computer fiasco and disaster of the last 4 months...I dunno- what happened?...anyway.
Plus I was certain when I was booking the thing that it was on later int he month- did they swap the Brisbane and Adelaide dates at all in the last 2 months?

I got a lot of good feedback on Dinosaur Rocks- from people who had bought it last year and their kids a year later still loved it- thank you- you guys made my year hearing that.
Didn't sell any Wombat's birthday surprise- did sell a few other wombat books.
I was only there the Saturday and Sunday- so I guess the drawing output wasn't too bad given I hadn't done any preparation (see previous post).

Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Spread

From the Pearson educational book.
There are others of course.

What I did on my holidays

A few sketchbook drawings done for kids at the UNIS school Hanoi.
Actually did a bunch more drawings but gave them away before I could subject them to my photographic skills. And a large-ish one at Bookworm bookshop which I don't have a photo of.
Yes- I went to  Vietnam with my family to visit family- (Pip, Ian, - Jackson William Charlie and Mathew- who all went beyond the call of duty to help us/accomodate us/ feed us- you name it.).

 The single images are giveaway drawings- the mishmash pages are on-plane drawings.
I didn't end up finishing the educational book off before I left though- which was bad.
I had a great time and forgot my troubles mostly for nearly three weeks- which was good-
especially for me.
Saw the fantastic UNIS school and met some of the kids. They don't muck about at that school- the kids seemed quite advanced. Also met the nice people at Bookworm bookshop (Hanoi) and some more great kids.
 I was told I say UM a lot.
 Better than some alternatives I guess.
Again though it was clear I'm far better off drawing rather than talking at these things- lots of people can talk- not as many can draw I guess.

Troubles returned of course when I got back-
I needed to get onto Wombat once I got back but was stymied by finishing the educational book.
Moral of the story- do one thing/one deadline at a time and don't do educational books.
Also the fabled computer arrived and it took days to try and get things working.
I'd forgottten about the whole "takes a week to get things sorted" with new computers.
 I still don't have the Cintiq 24hd working as its supposed to- or should I say-it doesn't work and its not really anything to do with me- so not happy with that.

So whats the plan? I guess somehow get the Wombat book done. After that try to start again and begin to get onto the things I'd meant to get onto starting July.
I tried to write down things I needed to get onto(the last few months) - and the ideas I had in sketchbooks- and thanks be for that -so at least I can look at them now and try to figure out what I need to be doing.
I guess things happen for a reason (or don't happen as the case may be.)