Sunday, January 15, 2012

Galactic Allies 4

Facebook is evil- everything you put up, every comment you make- every photo is scrutinised and analysed, every face identified and filed forever for use by corporations or worse-
they track you when you're not on facebook....
I used to make jokes about how they needed a product recognition system that analyses every photo and identifies the logos and consumer products in it- to track and profile peoples ownership of things-
so it identifies theres a 6 year old tv in the background and places an ad for tv's in your every search and facebook page.
I would have thought they'd already achieved this-
but given the irrelevant adds I'm subjected to clearly they haven't (plus I don't post photos wife does though)

Which is why if you must use facebook- make sure the only thing you do is play Galactic Allies - give the corporations and homeland security only a record of your gaming enjoyment.

If you do you might see these characters.

Looking back

Spent a bit of time looking back at stuff I'd done the last 3 years.
Conclusion:- Way,way  off being what it needs to be,a
lot of rough half done stuff,
but I need to be much much better than what I looked at.
But then they have been very difficult years- and in a lot of ways lucky to still be here.
Still though its like having a lot of photos of you where your pants have magically vanished over time.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dinosaur Rocks

Yessir that's the name of the book. Actually thinking about it reminds me of star wars rocks by Hugh Fleming.
The dinosaur rocks formation contains a kind of mysterious time tunnel- (while the bizarre tunnel to dinosaur times is open the bizarre fields it produces affects the electronics all around.)

Trying out some colour roughly on a cover - (although the final will be loose but no quite as scraggly)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fathers Day cover roughs

Going with the crocodile for the cover I think.

Another repost- that Murdoch monster book.

I think almost every illustrator I know put in for that Murdoch monster maintenance book years back. Adele Thomas did a sweet job in the end. These are some images I did of this nose ghoul character- then i re read the entry conditions and thought I was in eligible because I had been published once or twice (albeit in educational titles noone would ever see).

Anyway while looking at that other blog and thought- why not put em up.

Some pre christmas colouring tests...

When nothing seemed to be working and it felt like I couldn't draw- or couldn't find the right colouration.

Some of those dinos at the start of  the year  felt better than these-so  hopefully I'm on an upward path.

Red Dog- the Pilbara wanderer revisited

Posted these 2 years ago on another blog I don't maintain lately.
(I realised noone ever visited it ).
I haven't seen the red dog film yet either but its good from all reports.

*Weeks later - *
I went and had a look at the red dog wa site(which appears much revamped since last I saw it )
and they had a picture of John from the story!,
and the John I drew has scary sort of resemblance-(except mine has combed his hair a little)...... spooky  eh?.

More Mates roughs

I was looking back at the little mates mothers day images- how did I manage to massacre such promising roughs?
But then I need to keep reminding myself  how very little time and money is allocated to them.
3 weeks seems like a long time but not when it comes to doing these it seems.
I think I prefer working in black and white also. I actually prefer the look of these roughs here and below to the coloured 'clean line version'.
I long to do a proper book-
well that ought to be my dinosaur book right now
but these little mates books keep needing to be done and ruining everything .
I'd love to go to that concept design workshop but now it looks like I can't afford the time away.

I might try and apply for an ASA grant to develop my 'shadow king' story. There might be an Australia council grant I could try for.

Oh yes and now it turns out my hands are now infected(on top of my usual hand troubles) and I'll be losing a few fingernails- who knows I might end up being a foot artist after all.
Aint life grand?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012