Friday, May 20, 2011


Is a song by the Damned, but also words to describe cool things.
First of all- Imagebot, by  my good friend Cam, is awesome!
I hadn't had a chance to toy with it until recently but its great and so much potential too= particularly if/when you can customise your image libraries/links.
Then also theres some people doing neat things here in Adelaide- the guys at Monkeystack,the PRA, and Rising Sun, and Tim McBurnie.
Always a comforting thought to think theres people in Australia doing good creative stuff.

Its nearly time to return to my burrow , and farewell the bright lights (and fart ridden lifts) of Adelaide.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Last Morning at cdwa

A bit of colour fiddling of a quick sketch-a bit hard to tell what the true viewing angle is on this slate thing.

The drop bear

What could possibly be worse than walking into a spiderweb at night?
Getting a face full of drop bear, and suffering the wrath of the  enraged marsupial.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Black thing

A bit dementor inspired
and a sea monster  with a mermaid for scale-
both done while watching carlo's talk

and another sea monster which fires a projectile/or high velocityjet of water like a giant archerfish

and a dragon block in

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011


Topic of the morning is a chewbacca redesign- so I did these while watching.

Sorry to say I know little about wookies, apparently they were forest dwellers or arboreal - which is why I gave one a large balancing tail like a snow leopard

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Currently I'm in adelaide at the CDWA event.
Currently I'm trying to get my new Asus EEE slate computer to work reliably/at all.
Currently I'm fretting because said computer won't work about the 2 books I need to finish for the Little Mates series.
Little Mates
The letter M one with magpie might end up being magnificent- theres a lot of detail to do and add- but also very daunting, the N one- is about numbats is quite the opposite.
Numbats are insanely cute- especially little ones.
But they need to be finished very shortly and because of the computer I bought to travel with a world of hurt awaits.
New Computer
I bought an ASUS EEE slate computer a week before so I had something to work on while away- and its been a disaster. While pressure sensitivity works on their bundled software- it doesn't in photoshop.
Yes preposterous, yes infuriating, no I won't buy an ASUS again.
It was to be my sexy- take anywhere drawing tablet, - now its a source of high blood pressure and the since hope an earthquake strikes ASUS.
CDWA trip.
Well I'm here a day and a half now. I arrived very early- too early to check in where I was staying.
So I wandered about ,had breakfast, then headed to the place. On the way it transpires I'm on the club and sleazy street and must hop and skip about to dodge the vomit on the pavement. I spent half my time once there trying to get my computer reliably working.
But there were lots of cool friendly people there and Simon had done a brilliant job or organising the event from what I could see.
Much later when I finally was able to check in I found the room I was staying in looked like the sort Tarantino would have someone tortured in.
And is it possible to install a fart permanently in a lift?
At the Adelaide Paringa- the answer is yes.
More soon if my computer allows