Friday, July 11, 2008

What happens when....

'Concept art' style speed paint meets the actual world. You get a quickly painted Santas chair for a presentation. Did you know , for instance, that children are no longer permitted to sit on Santas lap? This is why the chair is extra wide, and so children need never know what sort of athletic support Santa uses. Everybody wins,- Santas can eat more Pudding until of course chairs must be widened further. I can sympathise, in fact I might make one(a pudding) and do a 'speed paint' of it.
I am trying to locate life drawing classes in my region at the moment,- with some difficulty,- I found one class i Byron bay- the trouble is i want to practice my drawing not find my inner self, my chakras or whatever.
If I start speedpainting dolphins(or even slow painting) then you know the worst has happened.
Although the colour down here is awesome- I've never been much for landscapes but I've really taken an interest in the colour and how far from earth tones the earth can be.
So I might paint a beach.... although I realise thats a slippery slope.
Then I'd have to figure out where to put the spikes(Rob).

It says lach's lost world,- means there must be a dinosaur heres about.
A scribble i did while reading the photoshop manual on 'texture' and 'dual brushes'.
Why is it lo rez?- well while I was absent mindedly reading and fiddling I failed to notice i had zoomed in on my canvas and was only painting on an eighth of it.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Its a long story,

but I now have that newfangled internet thing, again, at last.
Some watercolour dabbling.
The koala and the girl is 'as is' - the 'guy with the heater', and the 'miss muffet booty call' have been touched up in photoshop. The idea was to get to a certain stage with the watercolour version and then scan them in, in case I mess up, but I started noodling once i scanned them.
They're a bit devoid of perspective, and I don't like that dog thing.
Can you tell I like that ultramarine blue?
I have a few pages of ideas I need to colour- (plus I have a whole bunch to colour- stockpiled from that aborted gallery thing).
I was trying in the pages of ideas to do a few more kids book style images- I want to do ones that aren't overworked or over rendered. So I'll and post them soon,- and also expect me to revisit some old drawings as coloured versions finally.
Plus that first book for EC publishing starts now.
So after so much limbo and frustration I can get going.