Thursday, March 31, 2016

Fat Friday.

 A couple of drawings in progress at bottom (in tribute to  Peter Yong's  comic epic Rockabilly Plump Corps)

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Attack of the Bovirator

A few rough monster drawings for my brother's AD&D campaign.
Started to shade on in  "bovirator" drawing but stopped because I liked a subsequent drawing better...might try to finish it or fix it..
The design on the upper 2 looks better.

Looks a bit Warhammer or Warcrafty with the big feet- not sure if that's good.
Attached my brothers guide drawings for ref.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Roughs for a Card Game

Well I was working on this about 15 months ago....then nothing.
Might post a few roughs of cards and tokens......
Heres a couple of tribe tokens

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Over is out- pass on B&W done

In between starting to try and get stuff together- and look at the software I need learn/relearn-
I've finished the black and white page ideas for the Over is Out book.
Heres an idea for endpages.....
Might try an even more childlike version with smaller pictures and more....
.maybe a bit sort of "Richard Scarry"

Anyway- then to pitch it.

Night Scribble

Saw Deadpool tonight.....was quite funny. (A bit over Stan Lee appearing around gratuitously in films)
Came home a started squiggling in autodesk Sketchbook .
Realised sketchbook puts a filter over the drawing while you are working on it so it looks sexier.(!?)
Artists vaseline if you will.......
Oh well still feels better to draw in than photoshop.
I think the DSLR camera we have died so I can't use it to noodle about in Dragonframe.- Spent a bit more time looking at it (dragonframe) last night- the track read and audio stuff.
Just seems need to try a test character lip synching of my own.....
The reference overlay video looks like a great way to rotoscope movement or drawings onto a real environment- ie sand, a collection of whatever to form a human outline for example...or chalk drawing using the video feed to guide you.....

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Snippet of watercolour by way of celebration

Underlying watercolour.
The original plan was to have all watercolour- but I was way behind- so I decided watercolour colour and black photoshop lines.
The watercolour alone is nicer but I didn't trust myself given the time (seeing as this is my first traditonal media book).
Next time.....

Little Bad Wolf ...prettty much done


Monday, March 7, 2016

Little Bad Wolf- cover lines.

A few versions in lines of the cover for Little Bad Wolf-
Riffs on the main front cover idea- with me  trying to decide who's on the back.

There was a whole round of roughs before it.
and a whole series of last minute shenanigans as a commitee descends
and attempts to design after the fact-

or the colour as the case may be.

"Over is out" book.....back onto it

 and probably searching for work as well.

Well I *think * I've finished Little Bad Wolf.

Now staggering about trying to see where I was at a few months back-
one of the things  I'd nearly finished was roughs of the book idea......"Over is out"

It has been decided that I need to get a job....
so I suppose I'll have to brush up the blog and brush up/redo the website....

but I think I'll spend the remainder of the week and finish the roughs for that book so at  least its at a showable/pitchable stage.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Little Bad Wolf- Endpages roughs and lines

Little Bad Wolf- watercolours on spare drawings

Need to add the black lines to make  them match the rest of the book.
I did have the black lines- but when I was closing photoshop I didn't save the file ( I thought I had already and thought it was doing its 'save changes' when you hadn't really changed anything)