Friday, September 21, 2007

Work in progress.

I seriously need to get my lightbox fixed.
The smart thing to do would be to take the charming thumnails- blow them up trace them off and clean them up. The not smart thing is to do what I did- some things got better other things got worse. More to come.

Life drawing Makeover #2

From one angle she's the petite trumpet playing nude animation student.
From the other she's some elven strumpet consorting with evil.
Evil thing needs work- maybe I could cut her out and fix it in photohop as they say.
Still not so bad for the first night back in a month, -a night where 20 minutes in I had the urge to pack up and go home thngs were going so badly.
'Don't Panic' and hold your nerve as they say.

Renovators delight.

One pic is ok, the other I got her head all wrong/face too big.
No makeover here,

Life drawing makeover #1

Well we've seen this guy before haven't we,- earlier in the year.
Before(reality)= drum wielding naturist.
After= Sword wielding horseman.- Or something- didn't get to drawing my imaginary horse or thing he was riding on.

Lucky for me

and lucky for you,- "Its the art stupid".
I've been busy the last....well... since the last post.
I've done a bit of work for the guys at in my after hours which has left me little or no time for anything else. A motorama tvc, 6 tvc's for a company called "option to buy", a bunch of new 'inner health' bits and pieces.
I had to make a french and dutch version of the old one I did on my laptop- when I look at the files now I wince but I also wonder how I got it done in so little time with such crap equipment and software.
-Its the sort of wonder that escaping from a prison camp in biplane made of toilet rolls would create.
Hopefully getting paid with make it better.
But these ads have given me sod all time for anything else.
Not even life drawing,- but there were a few nights.
If I can make it through this weekend I'll be free once more and my plan is to try and make it back to life drawing 2 times a week at least.
I need to put on a surge.
There's a bunch of ideas need drawing and colouring and I'm the guy who's going to set them free.
Heres a bunch of said life drawings coming up.