Thursday, April 20, 2017

Aint over til its over

Over is out book ...still going.....
Keep stopping to try and earn money to live off...
and keep having to stop working on it


Drip dry

Dolphin fish based sentient fish.

Are dolphin fish mahi mahi?

If they are I'll never eat another- they're so beautifully marked.

Anyway this one appears to be drip drying his hands


Late scratchings

Dear void
am doodling late tonight

(And all you german bots or spiders or scammers that seem to be the only things visiting this blog- fuck you)

Monday, April 3, 2017

Fish girl

Another bit of symmetry fun...
actually testing out sketchbook on this Cintiq mobile studio to see if its a goer...
looks like it is.
Well a bit distorted really- but then so am I- and its only getting worse each time I look in the mirror.
So knees don't match ankles-forearms long- possibly shins long-
but I don't care.
....because I can


Sketchbook pro symmetry....
Fishy sketch