Thursday, October 20, 2016

A Rough for How to Fake A Fairytale

One of the interior images- rough

Some quick covers-How to Fake A Fairy Tale

Only a little bit of fixing in Pshop so  far....
Did quick drawing and just started colouring...
somehow only once I'd tried to fill things in the wrongness of some aspects showed...
I am a bit frayed- I've had late nights trying to get things done....
It was a good effort for a few hours on an afternoon though.. and considering how much time I've spent since march doing  watercolour
(ie 2 days)

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Dear Void
Well so much for trying new things,
Like trying to stop being a perfectionist-
Whats wrong with being a perfectionist- well if you can't do it perfectly- or be an expert in it before you start  you are inclined not to begin in case you fail.

Trouble is not being a perfectionist- like showing work in progress to people who don't understand work in progress- or taking a chance not knowing how to do it at the outset..

So I've tried to lose that this year a bit- god knows I've posted enough rough stuff here .

Its been hard this year - I like learning things but there has been so much to catch up on.
Trying to maintain the beginners mind.
Anyway so in the process of working on a job lately I've had to try and catch up on 3dsMax - and bunch of stuff in it I hadn't looked at in a long long time (seeing as often you just use a subset of features depending on your role)>

I really don't like attempting something where I don't know what I'm doing or how I'm going to do it beforehand- its something I never used to do-
and in a way it held me back......

The hardest bit is wondering if people understand?

It feels like last year I had lots of ideas (for books ,comics, games written down) but nothing come of them,
This year it feels like a lot of learning but no payoff (financially).

The CAT rig is a flaky piece of crap- my initial optimism was misplaced.
I'm only using it in a basic fashion but that is enough to reveal its dodgyness.
Spending time in 3ds max makes me realise how much I enjoy drawing more or learning or doing actual animation and actual stories,
not stupid pieces of advertising crap however much moneys worth  they might be.

I like stories- and funny things- and funny characters- at least I'm finding out for sure what I like.

I am interested in animation-
its the life force sucking software esoterica I do not like.
Particularly if it only is half baked- like 3dsmax seems to be still.
Whereas Toon Boom I'm very interested in and I'm kind of anxious because I haven't gotten back onto it and trying a proper character and scene with what I'd been learning.

For example- why doesn't Maya export to a 3ds max file or vice versa given they are owned by the same fucking company?

I realise dear Void I am only talking to myself-
The stats say 400 views for most posts but that must be just about 0 real people looking .
I look at the blog stats- well at least bots and spiders like me,
I guess google is analysing it so it can post stupid crap ads in other things like youtube.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A few Sydney Pics

I was at the SCBWI conference in Sydney last month-
here are a few photos.
Favourites from the Gallery.
Top one by Bertram McKennal,
bottom one by Sydney Long.

Pictures of Sydney buildings
Thought this looked like a cactus- pricks are on the inside though- bdum tish
Loved the colour of the city in spring
Dawn from the hotel room
Lovely old homeless guy and his beautiful soul of a dog
Monolith- tombstone building
Old and new

Reaching for the sky- on the left pointless accumulation of things- on the right a tree

Lovely simple flowers- the sort of thing you can't have here in Kingscliff because some white trash will come and destroy it

Me in Action!

Me reading the Little Bad Wolf with Sam Bowring

A Few nudes