Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Magicians and priestesses

Thats the beauty of being an occult priestess or freaky wizard- you work from 'home'-
therefore you don't need pants.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bikie character thumbnail pages

A Few viking type ones, and a Japanese bikie guy for fun.
(Always loved Leningrad cowboys hair)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why the Long face?

Says the barman to the horse.
Of all the doodads to post that I have ....

this is the most recent.

Could be an indicator I'm going mad here in my burrow at Lach-land.

Quite like the top guy with the nose on top of his head .

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Odds and sketchbook ends.

My current sketchbook is more jotting down ideas- so heres a few pages,- some not brilliant -other ideas or scribbles I quite liked.
Here's an Idea for a musical monster- it has fleshy thumb like things that open an close over nostril holes in its trumpet.

And here are some coloured pencil doodles-( I dug around for some pencils- to fiddle with them for a change). I guess trying to see what sort of minimal initial scribble and minimal colouring I could feasibly get away with.

Undiscovered dinosaurs

In the wilds of my sketchbook. Done in a very low stress scribbly way.

And here is a snippet of life on planet x. They are gigantic creatures that plough through the ice crust to get to the organisms/algae type stuff below. One type has a shovel/skid which it drives along scraping the surface and through which food is filtered . The other has giant plough type appendage(s) trailing it which breaks the surface and other tendril types gather the food.
Also theres this sort of organic helicopter creature with a central tongue/grabber that plunges through and snatches food from just under the ice.I imagined a  bit dragonfly like.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Wombat went a walking page ideas

Or  otherwise called "Thumbnails in a day "

Here are the first  page ideas for the story. Each image has different thumbnail ideas for a given page.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wombat cover WIP

Characters on a fairly rudimentary grass, missing a kangaroo and some remaining work.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Some Lazy Loulou images- nearly

As in nearly done- at least as far as time allows-I'll try to clean/fix them a little before sending them.. The whole saga of my father's hospitalisation put everything off schedule-and Lazy Loulou is a 'casualty'- kinda went into my 'Wombat went a walking" time.
So I couldn't do nice linework the way I like to, and made an executive decision not to do full scales/patternings on the bluetongue.
(Yes I could have done a scale brush in photoshop, but that would have been at odds with the 'by hand' look of all the other books so far.)

Last week I visited Lucia and Vincenzo to look at their new book app which looks great and sounds great in a swag of languages. I said sign me up to that! So maybe there will be my writer illustrator debut on their Blue Quoll label. See the sidebar link

I 've had a bunch of good ideas lately and been writing them down in my sketchbook. Actually its more A4 sized, and more of an idea book than a sketchbook.
One is a twist or take on a game idea, others are ipad book related.
Here are a few scribbly pages- not containing any of the ideas I've just talked about , well because.
(I guess one recurring idea appears to be nude women- but that's  not what I meant by good ideas- good as it is.)

I'm considering changing my job title to 'dreamer' or 'dreamer who draws".
Its more apt, and you know every man and his dog is a 'concept artist' these days.
Oddly enough I had a meeting with the State library people last Thursday about doing some character design/monster drawing workshops . But  I had a bunch of ideas for those too thankfully.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wombat went a walking

Is a book I will be doing with Hachette shortly.
Here are a few of the  initial character roughs.

It could be that I'm a bit typecast for doing australian animals currently, but I think this  book might be my first hardback, and as they say "a hard book is good to find"  .
Well I say it anyway.
Also I need to do it in a way that looks different character wise from Little mates but hopefully complements it so one will feed the other.

I'm also midway through colouring the next Mates book "Lazy Loulou ".
So I might post a rough or two from that.
Gee everything is rough it seems.