Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Overnight fimo troll

Actual troll,- not just me disrespecting fimo by night,
Its a bit bent after spending the day at my sons school for his show and tell.
About 27 cm tall.
One again slave master Oscar ( my son) demands of me a sculpey/fimo spiderwick type creature.
Its a bit rough because it was
a) 12.30 at night, 2 and half hours in  and I thought- its just gotta be finished- just do enough and bake the damn thing.
Ideas of finishing face/hands feet/wrinkles  properly  ditched. -Legs a bit rubber hosey- no time. no patience, too much alfoil on armature.
b) I was running out of sculpey- hence executive decision to mix all
I had left together- some brown and some black- a little white.
c) Right hand doesn't know/can't emulate what left is doing.
d) Couldn't find Oscars spiderwick field guide book for reference.- Made webbed feet because if i did long toes they'be snapped off when kids play with it.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Wombat 3

It begins- third installment in the Wombat went a walking series.
Just a couple of roughs because its about a surprise anyway.
These are the very initial roughs by the way.
 On that topic I am going to try and wake from my art zombie stupor, and pull my finger out and get going again.
I hadn't been doing any of my own drawings or anything to improve or sharpen myself  for too long.
Neglected work I'd hoped to do for friends also- because I didn't have time/wasn't coping.
Plus I've been looking at how friends have been charging along and am sorely stung by their good work into action.

Worry Will- roughs

A few of Little Mates "W".
(Am starting on X also. X is tricky.)

The page where Will has the shakes pouring tea will look nothing like this- because the Publisher thinks its too scary, and that the books he's reading are too scary. Which is very disappointing, but what it does mean is that once I'm done with these books I know theres a hole in the market (theirs) waiting for someone to capitalise on it. Ho ho.

Should be a nice book because wombats are nice/inherently funny. Speaking of wombats....see next post.

Dino Hunter roughs

Some roughs featuring a Muttaburrasaurus and an indeterminate pterosaur.
Might ask the writer what pterosaur he meant. They haven't found much of them fossil-wise yet in australia- so that frees me up a little with the head of it.
Rough is the word.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hobgoblin on demand

 Spiderwick kind of hobgoblin thing.
Demand coming from my son Oscar. A bit rough but that's partially because of the pushy demand to get it done.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Profile image of Dorian Grey

Or "Lachlan Creagh" as the case may be.
Yes here I am - instantly ten years older....

I'll post something else shortly to take our minds off it.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Off the twig- Vocal Violet

In the last 4 months I've sort of dropped off the earth it seems, off the internet too. My blog stats paint a sorry picture also.
Here are couple of hasty pages from Vocal Violet.
Violet is a bit different to the other little mates books because its more cartoony, less anatomically correct. I think I figured because it features vampire bats (which aren't native australian animals) that its all a bit fantasy and I should lighten up a bit. So I had  them living in a 'vanilla' crate which they had ballooned here from Venezuela. Not sure if they have vampire bats in venezuela but at least because its part of south america its 'feasible'. There's just one picture where you see its a balloon attached to the crate. they actually wanted rid of it but I kept it because otherwise none of the other pictures with their crate home make sense.

4 Books to go.
W X Y and Z .
Have to do my roughs for Wombat book 3 and for the next Robert Irwin books.
I really wished I could have gone to that CDWA thing in Adelaide in January- but was far too behind in my books . Ah well- maybe the latter half of this year I can retrain/focus on concept stuff and maybe a graphic novel?