Sunday, August 29, 2010

20 min Manga inspired Cheesecake

No prizes for guessing which bits are manga inspired though.
Possibly a prize for guessing what the axeman up top is about-( I have no idea).
Probably should get back to working on the website.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Son of the return of Life drawing

After another 3-4 week hiatus-finally a night of life drawing.
And here are 2 drawings from Thursday night-( there were just 2 10 minute ones yet to post of the ones I did).
Didn't really get to shading, but I did do my "change the characters to suit my whim" as I did them.
Each were 2 x20 minutes pose worths,- so kind of roughed them out in the first20 and went nuts in the second 20 .
(Also I didn't have a rubber so in breaks I had to borrow one briefly to clear a path to fix small things like her nose- that's the trouble you get if your drawing is small such that the space between each nostril is equal or less than the width of the pencil lead)).
Might have done his head too big in the sword one- but out of curiousity I overlaid one on the other while I was saving them down and the two versions of his chest are very close. Hopefully that means I got that bit right twice on separate bits of paper (as opposed exactly wrong twice).

*Just added a drawing from a previous night*

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

The awful truth

So I did a bit more on that yuki onna character, then I thought I ought to maybe have a look and actually see what Japanese people wore, seeing as I'd shot from the hip the whole time- and I found the image above,- to which I thought Brilliant! if it covers her hair then it would just be her face and lips you might see and dutifully gave my picture one. I tried a frostbitten horrific face version of yuki onna but went with the cowled one- which it turns out noone else at liked.
Like so many politicians I will say that I took an unpopular path of action- because it was right.
I will say that anyway I'm glad mine doesn't look like a generic Manga-a-like.
I 'm going to fix her face- either the eyes are too close together or I need to move her nose and mouth an chin up a tad.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Nudie Yuki Onna

I think I need to work on my pretty faces, but shes supposed to sort of mean business-
although I still like my first image of her. I have a few more ideas I'd like to try.
I realised I gave her 6 fingers on one hand- it was 12.30 at night and I just kept converting scribble to fingers- but I don't think it matters in a menacing spirit.


Does a bear shit in the woods?
Turns out my wife has never heard of this turn of phrase.
This is a couple of rough attempts at one of my ideas for the Illustrators Australia 'Untold stories" 9x5 exhibition.
So the 'untold story' is that they don't shit in the woods....
You can tell I'm a dad now can't you?

A few more CHOW drawings

Ammut and Quetzalcoatl again. Quetzalcoatal has feathery looking fins and travels between sinkholes in the underground streams.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chow time, Yuki Onna and Ammut

Some images from my foray(finally) into some sort of presence at Actually its nice to have a focus while drawing a monster,I'll do a bunch of stuff tonight after finishing the days work. Not sure what I'll finish of them or if,- I enjoy the ideas more than the finishing-( but I need some more new polished stuff handy.)
Dead guy in the top pictures right arm is a bit like Dr Teeth's at the moment(if I do more on it I'll fix it etc)-but considering how little construction and how I just straight out drew the whole thing- its not too bad.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Yuki Onna in progress

Well I'm finally going to start putting stuff on, so I thought last night I'd start with some of their creature/character of the week. I started some ideas for the creature- then read the due date- and it was yesterday- so I looked at the character of the week instead which is yuki onna .So heres the first Ideas and first hour(hour includes the pages of creature ideas not posted yet.)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Playing in illustrator

Illustrator is neat, and I was mucking around wondering if my scribbly thumbnail style might work- with a bit of rough blocky colour behind. Ronald Searle, Quentin Blake and Jules Feiffer , who I grew up reading, managed to get by with a loose line- it would definitely help to get things done quicker if I had loose quick style as an option, and I'd retain the liveliness.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Roughs from a book, and a maybe book

No prizes for guess what the maybe book is about. Fingers crossed eh?

Got the horn.

I've been looking at some horned lizards- and gee they kind of remind me of styracosaurus.
So I go browsing for styracosaurus- and man there are some fanatical nuts out there- I'm goin to call them 'scalies' from now on. I think the trouble is they have these dinosaur reconstructions that produce essentially a flayed animal- but think of all the mind bogglingly surprising non bone crests and spikes and folds lizards can have.
And all the wattle type things birds have.
And size of the' beer gut' that komodo dragons have.

Anyway....back to the horns
Oddly they pronounce that the horns are for display- then they paint eye spots on the panels of its crest- but surely the horns themselves are the display, on a crest so they can be hoisted higher. Consider the horny toad- its like a little tiny styracosaurus- and I don't think its taking anything out with its horns..

And I've seen some komodo dragons on the new attenborough documentaries- and the way they have this menacing bow to their heads and the way their tails arch down- are very cool things to apply to a tyrannosaurusy thing. Actually I wonder if they were like komodo dragons- biting and poisoning and then following along waiting for the victim to die(trex wasn't supposed to be a fast runner). Its got a big 'nose' like a bloodhound- or would it have a komodo tongue.
So I present the amazing discovery of komodosaurus and the greater styracohornytoad in quick scribble before bed form. thought I'd give komodosaurus upper lips to cover his teeth- like lizards instead of being buck/exposed toothed the way you'd normal see em.