Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sad day

Normally I'd talk only about the art.
Saw on the news that black rhino's have been declared exinct.
When I was young I'd read about the dodo, sea cows and tasmanian tigers with horror and wondered how.
Of course we know why with rhino's-  all for the vanity of some chinese and the murderers willing  to supply them. Why didn't the chinese  farm the rhinos?-Well their punishment now is to be forever flaccid- but I suppose there's some other hapless species they'll pick on instead.

These are dark times- in mass extinction events its all the big creatures that go first.

What's the link to art/illustration?
Well -we dull the pain,
we distract and amuse so its bearable (anyone with young kids knows how distraction helps them when they are hurt).
But as someone who loves all those magnificent african animals- there's a hole there now, and a fear that all these beautiful creatures will be consigned to the world of dragons.

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Amy Kim said...

This is sad news indeed.

I hope that somehow they get a program going on releasing captive black rhinos into the wild. Hopefully a protected area where they can't be poached. You would think that living in the 21st century people would have more sense than believing a rhinos horn to be a magical aphrodisiac when it's nothing more than keratin.