Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dinosaur book roughs2

A few more.
There's a whole bunch of older, rougher roughs that exist but I'll just put up these kind of shaded ones.
I bought a book "Dinosaurs in Australia" on Friday. Principally to hopefully get more of an idea of  plants and other background items for my book, but also to see what their rendered dinosaurs looked like. Most of them weren't far at all from my guesstimations- except their rhoetosaurus looked really heavy (I'm not doing one in this book).Its a nice book and great because it has all the references in the back.

Also bought a last year back issue of Australian Geographic on polar dinosaurs- and again their mini polar tyrannosaur was pretty similar to that polar dinosaur sketch I did way back.  But again bought it to check for any howling mistakes I might be making.
But then the story I've got is a bit high fantasy but also I'm trying to imagine possible dinosaurs- precursors to ccretaceous forms, ones that might conceivably be there from gondwana-
+ I'm figuring pterosaurs- although not much has been found in australia- because they can travel across sea and far- that there'd be similar ones to ones found elsewhere- in the same way for  birds today

Actually I've 2 Little Mates books in rough form- I could post a few of those.  The 'P' one was going to be a possum- but then it was switched to platypus. Which sort of set things back a bit but platypuses seem to have more comic potential.

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