Monday, November 12, 2007

A halfway coloured scribble and some life drawings. Not sure whether to go cartoony (and put linework back over it once I clean it up) or make it completely painted. But then I don't want to spend too much time on what was originally a 5 min scribble. Mental note to turn dog-monster's right hind leg out.not sure what to do about horndudes legs-or whether they'd be blocked out by dogmonster.
The life drawings are of 'a model called Carmen-out of curiousity I put them all into a file in photoshop to see if they all lined up- considering they are 3 view of roughly the same pose- and they kind of do. So either I am consistently wrong or consistently right. I didn't shade them- which is bad, but they are sort of nice even still.
Maybe I need to buy painter.

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Milenko said...

Top one is right from the kids books of good old days.
The rest is as good as ever.