Friday, November 2, 2007

Two more life drawings. Theres another but I haven't stitched it together yet(drawings are a3 sized on a2). Probably about 35 minutes each- I got there late and they do a lot of talking in between poses there.Why did I change him into the horned god and a minotaur- because he had long hair and I couldn't see his face through it - so I figured might as well have fun. On the minotaur version I pumped up his arms and shoulders a fair bit from what was actually there to try and accomodate the big head. Yes his axe is bent and stuff....sheesh.
Apparently I missed the sculptors society halloween bash, and their nude go-go girls (in boots).
Well that's the story of my career right there folks- at least thats the way day job work would like it to be for me.
Fortunately they are wrong, (not yet but soon).


Mat Brady said...
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Mat Brady said...

Beautiful. I like the tone of the top image.

lach said...

thanks matt,-its sort of hard to colour because when i look at it i keep thinking that i should have done a better drawing.
you need to update your blog or tell me what you ae up to-
i need to live vicariously

Milenko said...

Woo hoo!
Dude you rock in that special, Lach way.
I really enjoy your sketches.