Sunday, March 27, 2022

Wolf Girl 6- Metaverse of the unused ch 1 to 6

 So I thought I'd gradually post some of the unused options for illustration on the wolf girl books.
So here are some from Wolfgirl 6 ch 1 to 6,
I had been doing up to 4 or 5  different versions of each illo in the roughs - but by book 6 was trying to discipline myself to only 2 options- because I was kind making myself do  3 books worth of work  instead of one books worth.
So I was trying hard in book 6 to stop myself and only do one or two options.

Will gradually post the rest and for the other books.
I realise because they're scratchy roughs they can be underwhelming- but for certain chapters they become more shaded and epic.
I think the main thing also -is the directive that the illustrations  have to feel right/be emotionally right
looking right/being technically right is secondary or not,important
Which is why the perspective scales of things or the scale of characters shifts around
so that characters can be as big as they feel to be/need to be in that situation.

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