Thursday, August 15, 2019

Life drawing at Dust Temple

 Well I made it again....
a lot of people there....
Used my old large chunky pencil thing...didn't really attempt many faces because of that
plus wasn't quite up to it (+male models tend to not hold still/drift and twist- this one did hold still though)- kept wondering if I should have brought my glasses
Still the good thing about a guy as the model is you don't get psyched out by having to make sure pretty girl stays pretty in your drawing,
Mind you I find girls are totally psyched out  when it comes to drawing the guy's penis- they always disappear it or do some kind of estimation so that its clear they didn't really look.
Thing is its like toes or fingers or ears...if you can manage to draw it like it is it adds a lot of credibility and authenticity to the drawing I think....

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