Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Night doodlin

I need a real job- if anyone has one.

Kind of getting a revival of a desire to do animation....

I didn't plan or think about that penguin/duck one I posted - I just did it- didn't really think about timing- so some of the pauses are short/wrong/wrong beat  etc.

Still there's a a lot of enjoyment and immediacy about it....
even if the light flickers /things done wrong etc ( a lot of craft to learn with the stop motion I guess.)
Kind of reminds me of the stuff I did as a kid  trying to do animation.

Struggling with the Little Bad Wolf book- at least struggling to achieve the dream suggested by my roughs.
Must not get hung up on the roughs.
Must stay loose with the backgrounds while I'm clarifying them.

Anyway- some doodles- 25 minutes of noodling.....

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