Friday, December 2, 2011

The horror

Some more dino book rough thumbs above FYI- some a bit "spot the difference".
Some what I describe as a 'descent into madness' type of fiddling.
Its been a fairly dire week- behind in everything,-thoughts turn to digging ditches for a living instead.
Dire month really.
On a positive note the  quality of people who turn me down still continues to improve.
Positive side of positive note- more time to do my own work I'd been fanging to work on- if only I had gotten through stuff.

Everything that can go wrong is it seems, my hands are sore and hard to close too and when I do the skin on my fingers splits and bleeds.....what fun.
I was sent the large version of Kind Katie-a Little Mates book- and the first picture on the title page is screwed- looks like its missing a photoshop layer or two in the eyes and mouth- dreadful manky looking koala as a result. I'll check but I'm sure I didn't upload it like that- something must have happened at the dream factory end..
On a positive bit of news- Wombat went a Walking  is 10000 copies in print- which is small by any standard other than Australia- where its a triumph given its been on sale just 2 months. I think its initial run was much please let me get a royalty check for christmas so I can buy some new hands.
On another positive note I did a few sketches for the shadow king that I liked and another tree dragon in my sketchbook. Just need to scan them in.

On the topic of christmas lists- Mary Ryans bookshop of Milton you are not on my list- you sell neither my Little  Mates books or my Wombat book- you may expect coal at best and not the clean variety.

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