Thursday, February 24, 2011


 Well the last few weeks have been fairly disrupted, largely with trying help care for my dad and wrangle him in and out of hospital. Which is why there's been little posting- sorry guys.
On the list of sad news is that the Queensland Dinosaur book reappeared lazarus style then disappeared in an asteriod collision extinction type flash.
I intend to retain copyright and this was a casualty of that policy sadly.
Sad because of the fantastic job I was going to do, but didn't get to do.
Not taking a job because you want to keep your copyright isn't sad- just business.

On the positive-  had a great idea for a book with a dinosaur in it while waiting and drawing in the Emergency section of the hospital.
 Its going to be called 'Goldie'.
Goldie is a dinosaur but a contemporary one. Its a feathery one like a feathered australovenator, or maybe small allosaur, but my own so all those scientists don't get bent out of shape.
Its going to be set in the now in australia.
Its called goldie while small by the kids because of its colouration/feathers
  I'm going to use my wife and kids as a basis for the characters (because of course they are good looking).

Anyway here's me just starting to tinker with colours on one of the pages of my hospital scribbles.
I've more pages but I don't want to give away more yet.

here a quick colour idea for a sort lionish/hawkish sort of goldie- but this one is closer to the banjo dinosaur in heavyness- mind you its all thefeathers on its underside bits making it look stocky.

this isn't one of the hospital ones - I just started tinkering away.
I think the more  colourful/graveful one is better for kids although I guess tthe tan colours make more camoflage sense..
I do like the idea of it running down kangaroos and wild brumbies and camels.

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