Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Did I ever tell you

about the time I never met Bono?
That was one of those turning points (or unpleasant realisations) as it were.
Still ... why reminisce and be stuck on principle about something that didn't happen.... when you can also draw something that doesn't exist.
Another warhammery orc say.
Or start a drawing on a morbid nursery rhyme like "Peter Pumpkin Eater"


Peter Yong said...

Yeah!! Loving it

You know the kids used to call me peter peter pumpkin eater when i was in school. I remember it really bugged me especially when i moved schools and they still called me it. ha ha! Damn that nursery rhyme!

Simon Scales said...

Hey Lach...nice stuff mate - the cockpit on the ship is looking a little flat. Love the warhammer stuff - nothing wrong with random random spikes on shit that doesnt need spikes in the first place LOL

Milenko said...

It is all awesome dude.
As for Bono, I have met him on the same occasion, and I can tell you, the experience was deflating.
He looked as he was five feet tall, and had this skinny jeans on him that made him look even smaller.
But things that never were are much more fun than the things that never happened, and you just keep ploughin' so i have something nice to look at.
Cheers to you, your cintiq and your work,



lach said...

thank milenko,
actually I'll probably come to brisbane for a catchup this week .
So maybe book yourself a loooong coffee break.
Theres a few more morbid nursery rhymes yet- I might rough one out tonight
Thanks also simon,
as for the cockpit thats in the to do list with the rest of the spikes on his tail.

Yer_man_in_japan said...

Hey Happy new year, I havent checked in for a while. Prolific! I love the airlifted scaly monster, the ship is how I wish the Ornithopters in the dune movie looked. I almost met bono once too. A sure he is just another bloody Irish chancer!