Friday, November 21, 2008

A1 Life drawing stitched

Ok so heres that life drawing. It was 6 sheets of A3 Paper which I roughly aligned at the time by drawing rough crosshairs on the pages. I've spent a day shading and darkening the dragon, cliff and seat- it took that long because of the real estate involved. Trying to shade across the paper edges was a problem-I had to 'stroke' in one direction instead of back and forth-also I couldn't draw where the sticky tape was.
I haven't tried to fix it across the page boundaries yet though.
Now that its scanned I might give the girls some clothes or groovy costumes-( thats the trouble with removing the stackable chairs the models were sitting on and replacing it with a dragon-
suddenly you wonder why they're out riding a dragon nude-
... but then I guess theres a proportion of glass half full people out there who support naturist dragon riding and need little encouragement to do so ).
But then in marketing terms it'd have to be gold right? 2 Nudie girls, 1 dragon, spikes everywhere...
As they say "better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick".

hmm- I've been trying to upload a large version-seems blogger just goes and resizes it down.
I think I'll put it and the others on my website and make a link.


Milenko said...

Fuck man, these are awesome.
Your command of the blue pencil is commendable, and your imagination rules.
Cheers to your skills and to your pencils,



Peter Yong said...


That is so cool!!

What an epic drawing!