Thursday, October 11, 2007

fun packed 20 mins

Theres a bit of a poem called 'voyage to cythera' i like- in it theres a bit about a hanged body with this creature prowling around the base. Not brilliant but 20 minutes,
nice and cheery too.
i should add that although i liked the poem, i myself am not riddled with disease- especially that sort.


Mat Brady said...

Dear Jesus. Are you okay? How's life?

lach said...

good heavens- mr brady!
I've been on holiday the last week and so life at least for a week is dandy-
ie - what was it i do for a living?
ah- well I have another week comng up so let see if i can get anything done eh?
I did actually take my sketchbook on the road with me- very well meaning but go nothing at all done- chasing after our boy was a full time occupation. Day job work is a bit like being the hapless termite caught in a series of russian doll type layers of soul destruction- after job lach work when i get to it is at least happening.
Hows life in sheepland? It must be fairly satisfying- you haven't touched your blog in ages.