Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Trench humour- The working dead

A start of an idea yesterday  in between things.
Part of a few joke ideas about zombies in an office- like team building exercises, or trying to hold a meeting while attendees are gnawing on each other/bits falling off
or an old tea lady with brains on her trolley instead of scones/lamingtons being followed by office zombies..

the working dead from Lachlan Creagh on Vimeo.

 Theres a gag to be put in the end but hadn't finished it- so it's a bit dark for an idea.
 Used the same pen as the band one because I liked the look of it but realize for slow stuff
- if I'm going to put in frames and make it less stilted/storyboardy- then it should be a more uniform thickness line- the thick thin and being inattentive makes the boiling worse.
Also think sketchbook pro flipbooks needs adjustable layers and the ability to drag and copy more than 1 keyframe at a time.
Also realised its important to not get caught up with drawing it all(even though I was trying to explore/test the drawing thing) - and specifically not get caught up with drawing before doing the rough out in simply drawn geometry/forms.
or doing it all in sketchbook pro if I were to draw in it.
- even a simple scene has to be split up and would be better pieced together in After effects- ie fg pieces (3-4 frame loop) , dead guy,chair(like fg) ,  maybe flies on paths in After effects- a waft of fumes over the top,

Just  got caught up in the idea ....and trying to see if if it might work in sketchbook pro.
But you need the extra layers and adjustable ones even while you are working on a segment.
Kind of leads back to using photoshop/AE instead .
Or  some proper software like Toon Boom.

Anyway need to finish  a pass on the "The Magic Word"  book that I'd workedon last week and begin to look at 3dsmax and Vray. Vray or some nice renderer is what I need to look at- also try to catch up on rigging a bit. much to look at. I suppose at least if I rent Max then I can get back onto Unity and Zbrush too.

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