Friday, April 22, 2016

Back to the drawing board

Well back to life drawing for the first time in.. it 2 years?   too long.
Managed to make it to QLD sculptors life drawing at 'the shed' which has always been my favourite and what I think is the model for life drawing (they get their wine,nibbles on between poses).
Was very weary and semi dreading how bad I'd be since I hadn't done it in so long-
but went anyway-
and it was very nice.
And really, really  nice people
Bought a big solid graphite pencil thing to try- but hadn't worn a bit flat for shading, and forgot bulldog clips so it was drawing pad on the knee once more.
 Ok I guess for first time back - hopefully I'll remember the rhythm and process properly next time.

+ A bit more time spent looking at storyboard pro.. still looks good.

Managed to trip on a metal grate thing last night (not at life drawing)  and nearly lost a toe- so after getting it stitched this morning spent a lot of today in swimming or running for a couple of weeks :(

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