Thursday, April 28, 2016

One of Us

Well I finally joined creative cloud.
 I feel a little violated. Instead of sticking it out I became "One of Us".

And you know if there's a revolution the first guys against the(my)  wall will be the adobe 'evangelists'- they occupy the same  annoying otherworldly space as people in stock business images.
An otherworld we can do without.

Pros- there is a bunch of useful stuff in the latest softwares
and I've wanted Indesign for a while so I can mock up or do my own books.
Cons- annoying interface remodelling- it feels like that joke about Stevie Wonders parents punishing him by rearranging the furniture.

I'm picking it up fairly quick but head spinning a little because I'm trying to  mainline about 6 dfferent new or updated software packages at once.
(After a blissfully ignorant  period of mainly photoshop cs5 and watercolour ).

More refamiliarising with Max 2017 - still a bit to go over - renderers, materials- look at current rigs.
Need to look at Vray.
Initially newer Max icons looked like they're in Thai script to me- again with the Stevie wonder punishment.
(Has passed after a day and a half of fumbling for where things used to be.)

More time on After effects and illustrator going through things.

Looking at Indesign it's still really very much the same as Pagemaker/Quark express ever was.  Whats pagemaker or quarkexpress daddy?-
 Its software dad used to use in the 90's (and earlier when he was at uni doing the QUT (QIT) student newspaper,- back when people with IBMs still had to park their hard drives.)
So that's being assimilated fairly fast.

And a bit more life drawing....and a bit of time on Magic Word Book,
Life drawing still not there/not back yet but feel at end of Thurs night sculptors session that  I was starting to focus and see properly again.
Sadly I think I need glasses soon or now- that would probably help with the details.

Faces and heads are still dodgy in 2nd week  back
but once I regain the ability to be focussed  and steady hand while drawing with pad on knee it'll be good.
Trouble is when you're tired you're telling yourself "focus!Pay attention when you draw the line!
After all that time spent just fixin it in your head!"
and the other bit of brain is going "Awww why doncha just leave me alone- they've got wine over there"

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