Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Tool Man

Well its been a bit of a blur . Bathrooms in the house are being renovated so a few days spent demolishing things.
Hadn't got back onto Magic word book idea properly  :(

And more days spent looking at software.
Time spent looking at After effects CC at Radium (I just have CS5).
I think I like reading manuals (first) more than watching tutorial videos. Wonder why they chose Cinema 4d to integrate?- I guess it was a cheaper deal and in the short space I was looking at Cinema 4d lite I guess the interface is more modern with easy looking icons (than 3ds max/Maya/etc).
 Further at ease/remembering with the animation stuff .
A few sections to go back over still, and I'll probably have to go over illustrator as well.
I'd avoided illustrator because I like to see humanity and evidence of me in my illustrations- which is why I like pencil, watercolour and other painting software:- whereas to me illustrator always seemed mechanical and soulless- 'corporate'- a place where you create 'products'. But with the animation thing, and you need it to make the most of after effects,  and because I like(feel like) trying different styles I'll dive in .

Renewed a 3ds Max Subscription. More to catch up on-
on one hand I feel I need to re-render old animations like game stuff with nice new renderers so I've something to show, on the other hand I feel like pressing on with new stuff altogether.
I just want to focus on animation really....( but having activated a licence again opens the door to noodling with  Unity again- which I need to refresh.)

Bought Storyboard Pro subscription.
Opened it up- and well pleased, excited.
Just what I need.
Not too far into the Harmony tuts but immediately the similar interface/tools are good but the immediate sensation was "this really is a production tool for getting stuff done"-specifically presenting stories .
whereas Photoshop feels like "does a  whole bunch of stuff- no particular purpose- if you want some specific task you're gonna have  to create actions etc to make it easier".
Story boards- or working on presenting my own stories is still a thing I'd want to focus on.
Need to try a sequence or two.

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