Monday, April 4, 2016

Lil test

lil test2
from Lachlan Creagh on Vimeo.

In the whole process of looking at animation again,-
 maybe with a 2d bent this time.
Also interested in stopmotion via Dragonframe......

Anyway have been looking at various programs, and decided to experiment with what I have software wise. in the meantime
So tried goofing around for 2 hours this morning with Sketchbook pro flipbook.
That's it up there in glorious "wobblyvision" TM.

I like sketchbook pro for drawing in-
but was also looking at photoshop (and Alex Griggs tut video).
Maybe draw in sketchbook and
colour in and move things around (layerwise/smartobjectwise) in photoshop/after effects?

Then there's Open Toonz-to try and I guess Toon Boom.
Trouble is Toon boom costs money and I don't like the way Google has let them track me about and follow me with their ads.

 Isn't vimeo neat- compared to the blogger/youtube video that sucks?

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