Thursday, July 21, 2016

This weeks Qld Sculptors life drawing

Chantelle is the model.
I think this is the third time I've drawn her...
.face is getting better/more accurate here,
face placement still not quite there
blame it on the wine and cheese

 This last one of the night not so accurate.....
but then if I were to ignore accuracy
and go all Brett Whitely- which I'm thinking of doing,
then a model like Chantelle is probably a good subject.

{back on the old side of the model plinth with the shadows and light reflection...
and eyes that need glasses.....}

have a feeling though next week will be an upswing(2 steps forward) after the last weeks  of 1 step back.

Free Range Animation

A scratchy thumbnail animatic of a story- well half.
Really scratchy- but even still the feel of the story comes through
who'd have thunk?

Its about creativity/ideas setting you free but its also about me thinking of focusing on animation and calling my business Free Range Animation  -
partly because I'm out here in the country
but also to distinguish my stuff from the woeful corporate/establishment type stuff
- the ideas are free range not battery ones.
Free range animation. from Lachlan Creagh on Vimeo.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Evil Dez

Character Evil dez walk and run from Lachlan Creagh on Vimeo.

Anim by me- model and texture by Milenko
A bit lighter lightwise...
(a bit of wobbling due to low anim sampling for export )
also the leg coat intersection you didn't see ingame because of the top down view and the size of the character onscreen

Magic word doodling

A few sketches toward the magic word book- some are getting there- others I think I need to look at the roughs again to regain the proper thread/character.....

anyway...... for those of you in the void who like such preliminary work

Friday, July 15, 2016

Socks at Sculptors

A bit cold in the shed at QLD sculptors....
I only just made it in wasn't properly focussed....

This time I sat on the other side- so didn't have the shadows but did have the lead-reflecting-on-the-page  issue.
More importantly I  wonder if I need glasses- well I probably do....

still its like going to the gym- you get points for turning up I think.

Model had stripey socks...and tattoos (which I left out).

 Little extra sketchbook doodling......(not done at life drawing)

More animation...

Codebreakers_female_walk_run_idle from Lachlan Creagh on Vimeo.

A render of the female character......rendered frame  seemed bright enough in the max render window- seems a bit dark......have to fiddle with light before I go and render the rest of the backlog.

anyway again model texture and design by Milenko and animation by me.
I love how sculptural his low poly models are.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Looking back to go forwards

Codebreakers_male_run_walk_idle from Lachlan Creagh on Vimeo.

I have bunch of work thats largely unseen- well on my site and here.
Heres a test render- only just looking at max materials and lights and rendering again.....
funny when doing stuff for games I never bothered with the renderer stuff really because the rendered object was in the game engine not Max.
the lovely sculptural models and textures are by Milenko and the anim by me.