Friday, December 5, 2014

Freaky Trip

Trying a 'kids book' look.
Looks like a trip to a 1978 science fiction world (school reader edition. )
Freaky .

Thursday, December 4, 2014


Half finished.
Got to this point then wasn't sure what to do next. (those are going to be trees/field below)

Nudie Rudie

Nude Valkyrie girl in watercolour.
 Another sort of experiment/test a bit unfinished- as usual.
You can sort of see my super detailed drawing in it- Ha!

Why doesn't she have armour-?
Budget cuts in Valhalla I suppose.

Wondered if I should say NSFW .....
that is for the 5 or 6 people who look at this blog (and the rest who googled "kancho". )
but then I think if you can't deal with reality,
least of all a roughly done watercolour nude,
then in all probability the other actual bits of  life are going to crush you like a bug anyway.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Brisbane Supanova 2014

A few of the doodles while waiting in my seat above- there were more but they were an actual story idea so I'm not posting that....yet
yes I do have electricity- thats just my bad photography making it look like work by candlelight.

So I made it to another Supanova. A bit down sized this year- not my usual luxurious 2 table spread - just the one because it was so expensive . They say that the number of people attending is way more each year- so why do the prices for artists in artist alley rise so much? It is an artist alley not 'merchant banker alley'.
Friday was a write off- not a whole lot of people and the ones there weren't buying.
(I felt really aching and tired Saturday- turns out I was actually sick.)
The Saturday and Sunday were better for me- and thanks to those people who came up and recognised my Wombat books or who had bought Dinosaur Rocks and said how much their child loved it. Very much appreciated. I do sort of worry that Supanova itself is no place to peddle childrens books- I think I need to go with the fantasy side of my work fully (at Supanova and in general). Need to do a comic I think or have art books to sell really.
Other thoughts- the coffee at the convention centre was the worst I've ever tasted- I don't know how those people at the G20 survived. If I was a visiting dignitary it would have been first on the agenda- "get decent coffee you idiots". Fortunately coffee was around the corner at Southbank. Unfortunately it was only on the Sunday afternoon that I made it.
The food was also diabolically bad- I avoided it.
The people at surrounding tables were nice- so that sort of keeps your mind off your coffee starvation.....well a bit.
I might be able to try Oz comic con this coming year- people said it was a bit better as far as being creator focussed more than foreign  merchandise behemoth focussed.
Australian creators really need a con or show for them- people like writers, artists and illustrators, animators.... but there really isn't anything I'm aware of....
but I worry that australians are so slack (esp Brisbane people) that if you didn't have those actors turning up and all the merchandise sellers... would they turn up/be interested?

Supanova drawings- Dragon

Supanova Drawings- Dinosaur