Wednesday, March 7, 2018

It's Out!

Over is Out  is out as of last week.

I would say available in all good bookstores- so if it's not in your local then you know it's not a good bookstore.
But they can turn to the light and use their powers for good-
and you can help -all you out there in the void
by asking them to get it in so kids everywhere might be uplifted by the greatest backyard cricket dinosaur book ever.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Croc stomp

croc_stomp from Lachlan Creagh on Vimeo.

Rough night drawing....tail a bit indeterminate..
bit fast and waddle like for a real stomp but didn't know what else to call it

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Rusty at the Dust Temple

Well I went to life drawing  last night at the Dust Temple at Currumbin.
It was really nice.
My drawing sucked though until about the last 15 min.

As usual first time back after about 6 months....its like going for a jog after a year of not jogging- painful.
Worse though is dragging brain kicking and screaming to pay attention and draw what you see.
I think I initially thought- "just be loose, don't stress too much- if it doesn't look like it should imagine you're Brett Whitely and you meant it distorted"
but then realised I wasn't looking properly as you need to- didn't have any rhythm or awareness that you have when things are working...

Initially ,white waiting for the model , I looked around and it seemed like the room was entirely filled with attractive/stylish women...then thankfully a few guys (who were older and more crinkly than me thankfully) turned up and I thought "oh thank goodness (I'm not this lone old guy)".

Actually Dust temple itself is pretty nice, Rebecca the convenor was friendly, and they had great live music, AND there was a little plate of cheese and dip-.
Its kind of like the reverse of the cantina  in Mos Eisley-
its this cool little bar in the middle of an area of scum and villainy..
..well patch of urban/industrial wasteland anyway.

anyway because I sucked there not much to show....probably shouldn't have sat at the foreshortened end of the models recliner(it was so busy there was no alternate viewpoint to move to
...lesson learnt

while we are here- some life drawings from the last sculptors session probably 5/6 months ago....didn't do too well that night either...
determined turn it around

Monday, January 29, 2018

Billie and the Dinosaurs- (exorcising Ghosts of 2017)

Billie and the Dinosaurs is a sort of musical story production created by Tim Ferguson and a composer (and a team of others).
Anyway last year- around this time- Tim contacted me about illustrations for the story/production.
Of course I was in....and set about filling a sketchbook of ideas while I waited for the wheels to turn.
Then they asked for a quote- which I did -
i think it needed quite a lot of work potentially
-I was  actually lowballing it-

but then it was nothing- or 'we'll let you know"-
which sounds slightly better than 'don't call us- we'll call you"

So needless to say I was pretty disappointed- and actually googled a month or 2 ago to see what happened/who they went with...
Didn't seem like the boat I'd missed had left really- or hadn't gone too far...

Anyway here's a few of the loose thumbnails I filled a sketchbook with- super loose on the characters but at least I liked the feel of them...

Begone ghosts!

In with 2018