Thursday, May 21, 2015


Did some more on some sketchbooks.
Like this....
Cut off the secret bit so you are just left with a dragon-

Eco - the game

Well its been a month since my last post. What have I been doing?
I started rejoining the Strangeloop games team and contributing some ideas to the further development of their Eco game. They have secured a research grant for it (in the US) which hopefully will fund the project for 2 years and allow the small team to deliver a solid game.
Its an educational game where playersr(students) get to monitor and interact with a simulated ecosystem. The further development is planned to be more additions to the human development , potential tech, and environmental catastrophes- and other biomes.... (The original biome is a north american/canadian forest meets the sea.)
So heres a snippet from a work in progress for the kickstarter(top) .
Here also is one of the thumbnails (which might be converted to an image proper).
My idea is to have modern looking buildings but with more extreme cantilevers/vertical/walkways- basically because you can in voxel  land - so why not make it a visual feature?

Monday, April 20, 2015

A few environment doodles

Oz comic con- abandoned art

Watercolours I started....but then gave up on. The dragon I couldn't decide on colours -and it was turning to mud so I thought I'll stop there. The ghoul guy with the axe isn't so bad in itself in a sketchy way-but an other pass of detail would do a lot.

Ozcomic con pt3

Some of the sketchbook drawings I did while sitting there- I did have some other nice ones I was sort of pleased with- but because they're to do with my big idea I'm not showing them.

Ozcomic con pt2

Two watercolours on A3 I did while sitting there- I didn't feel very focussed for some reason- and kept getting  my dirty paws on the paper...but they turned out alright for things done under duress- and in the case of the giraffe- with no reference-just drawing from memory.

OzComic Con

So I took the trip down to Oz comic con in Adelaide-
I think I naively thought Oz comic con might have been more about comics or artist and writers and less about "stars" and "merchandise". Really it's the same as Supanova. As fate would have it- Supanova was happening on the Gold Coast(just up the road)- apparently a much bigger show.
Ah well- I hadn't tried Adelaide yet.
The trouble is - going  by plane costs a fortune luggagewise-
so its a much reduced presence in an attempt to reduce cost (and be able to cart it all around myself).

Adelaide city- initial impression people dress like the Ironborn with matching facial hair- but seem quite cheery- except of course the people in the inner city near the mall...(who dress and act like the Ironborn)

.the inner city seems to have a lot of educational institutions crammed in there- looks like the main industry to me.
Adelaide people apparently do not like to get out of bed. Street photo below is at 7.45 Sunday morning (Saturday was much the Same)- and as you can see it appears an alien virus
or zombie apocalypse has struck and the streets are deserted-
so if you are a visitor looking for breakfast or a zombie looking for a victim- you are out of luck.
Except Sunday morning I was in luck- on my walk from the Ibis hotel to the showgrounds I stumbled on "Delish Real Food" near an IGA on Gilbert St.. Best tasting eggs benedict I've had for a long time and a decent coffee- it restored my personality thank goodness.
(Actually the Ibis Hotel I stayed at was nice and new-and I really liked the layout of the room.)
I also liked walking to the show each morning (and back)- because they've got all the native trees there are lot of native parrots about- and different ones to where I live.
The show itself- it was quite spread out in  the space- I don't think it was a big show and definitely artist alley was small- someone said the Melbourne Supanova the week before was huge...
 I was across from Emerson Ward- and down from Dark Oz and Doug Holgate.