Thursday, November 27, 2014

Off to brisbane Supanova today.

Once more  over the top

Heres a 2xA0  (8xA2) drawing I did really quickly (30 min) at  Book Expo earlier this year.
Girl is a bit small for horse etc- but considering how quickly I did it and how big its not too bad.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wombat Christmas- Cover Roughs

 Yes a Wombat Christmas book in the works but not for this christmas.
Mind you if it weren't for the pneumonia in the house thing and a few other disasters it could have nearly been.
Some of the initial candidates

Just right

Trying another scribble with the whole "achieve result with no work" method.
Trying to not labour everything  is a bit hit and miss.
Obviously I'd like it to be "just right".
Expressions are alright.
M c Escher would be proud of the bed- but lets call it rustic.

A5 Scribble of Epicness

Another bit of watercolour tomfoolery.
Kind of at the limits of my (failing) vision and brush tip at the teeny size- guys face is less than 1cm.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Kind of bandersnatchy rough image

On the super absorbent  handmade paper .


Corner of the page doodle

Red riding hood- a start.

Yes- delivering pizza to grandma-

Another experiment- not quite finished.
The trouble with unfinished watercolour it seems is that they look 'broken'. There are bits I like though- just need to finish it and try again with what worked.