Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More Mates roughs

I was looking back at the little mates mothers day images- how did I manage to massacre such promising roughs?
But then I need to keep reminding myself  how very little time and money is allocated to them.
3 weeks seems like a long time but not when it comes to doing these it seems.
I think I prefer working in black and white also. I actually prefer the look of these roughs here and below to the coloured 'clean line version'.
I long to do a proper book-
well that ought to be my dinosaur book right now
but these little mates books keep needing to be done and ruining everything .
I'd love to go to that concept design workshop but now it looks like I can't afford the time away.

I might try and apply for an ASA grant to develop my 'shadow king' story. There might be an Australia council grant I could try for.

Oh yes and now it turns out my hands are now infected(on top of my usual hand troubles) and I'll be losing a few fingernails- who knows I might end up being a foot artist after all.
Aint life grand?

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