Sunday, January 15, 2012

Galactic Allies 4

Facebook is evil- everything you put up, every comment you make- every photo is scrutinised and analysed, every face identified and filed forever for use by corporations or worse-
they track you when you're not on facebook....
I used to make jokes about how they needed a product recognition system that analyses every photo and identifies the logos and consumer products in it- to track and profile peoples ownership of things-
so it identifies theres a 6 year old tv in the background and places an ad for tv's in your every search and facebook page.
I would have thought they'd already achieved this-
but given the irrelevant adds I'm subjected to clearly they haven't (plus I don't post photos wife does though)

Which is why if you must use facebook- make sure the only thing you do is play Galactic Allies - give the corporations and homeland security only a record of your gaming enjoyment.

If you do you might see these characters.

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Robert said...

Hi Lach, I really like the first dude, the silhouette and colours are cool :D