Monday, August 19, 2019

Start of a little practice

rock2 from Lachlan Creagh on Vimeo.
Started a little bit more anim practice....just thumbnails
a little idea but only spent an afternoon 3.5hrs really,
sort of ran out of steam toward 'end' so the joke of him dropping the rock in shock on the monsters foot is lost at the moment...just have to spend more time- and fix the timing so it registers/works..
just need a beat while he looks at the monter-then drop the rock
Also the ogrey monster didn't really have a plan/design or construction worked out...just started drawing him in.
Also when he jumps around to look- there's supposed to be a wolf howl or something scary sounding so he think to hurry things up by knocking with the rock.

Anyway...good practice to  get my head in the space.

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